An afternoon with Indigo will change your business and your life!

“Before my Business Clarity Experience, I was struggling with organization and overwhelm in my business. What was I supposed to be working on, and when?! Indigo made an intimidating topic easy and fun! She taught me that I can be in charge of my own schedule, and helped me create an easy process for repurposing my content. Now I'm feeling refreshed, excited and SO ready to tackle everything in my business. I'm so excited for the future.”

- Irene Hardy, owner + creative director of Magnoliahouse Creative

My biggest takeaway was tangible, specific action steps!

“My biggest takeaway from the Business Clarity Experience with Indigo was tangible, specific action steps for how to improve my processes and my marketing! Going into the intensive, I was looking for a way to get ahead of my business, rather than always playing catch-up. Indigo over-delivered by walking through all of my systems and identifying: 1. helpful organizational resources, 2. ways to automate time-sucking tasks, and 3. exact next steps for setting up my new systems and marketing efforts. As someone that always gets bogged down in the organizational stage of projects, having this action plan will be huge in taking my ideas from concept to execution.”

Theresa Delaney, Brand Strategist + Founder of Theresa Delaney LLC

hire Indigo to streamline your process.

“Before my Business Clarity Experience with Indigo, I was struggling with figuring out the best process to intake and onboard clients for my three new services, and the best way to keep in touch with leads, clients, and past clients. I was so surprised at how much was done in such a short amount of time. Indigo took a much more strategic approach than I was expecting. She asked about money, revenue plans, and sales funnels to make sure my systems aligned with strategic goals. Now I'm excited to put my systems in place and have an easier process that will take up less of my time, and keep me confident in knowing #allthethings are in place. I know these systems will also make my clients happier because it will give them a better experience working with me. Whether you are a new or experienced business owner systems are and always will be necessary in your business. In my opinion the earlier you get systems in place the better. By telling Indigo about your business she can easily tell you what programs or softwares you should be using so that you don't spend DAYS looking through every option yourself. If you want to save hours of research, and making a messing of things, I would hire Indigo to streamline your process for yourself or for an assistant to take over.”

- Nevica Vazquez, business strategist at Nevica

“I love Indigo! Is that weird? I don’t care.

The best thing about working with her is that she anticipates problems and offers a solution so I don’t have to.”

Caitlin Bacher, social media expert and founder of

It was like she could read my mind!

"Before working with Indigo, I was struggling with being the most Type A, organized, systematic person I know... and still losing HOURS each week trying to run a business on my own. I had a few brain dumps with Indigo, and it was like she could read my mind! Indigo whipped out beautiful folder organizations and more. After we finished working together, my immediate thought was 'What else can she do for me?' Since working with Indigo, I realized that you have NO idea how much outsourcing can help you operate in your sphere of genius. It's worth it!"

- Ashlyn Carter, founder of Ashlyn Writes

Indigo is super even keel, and keeps it all glued together.

"Before working with Indigo, I was struggling with using LeadPages, WebinarJam and email platform to their fullest extent. I hired her because she's full of knowledge, and she made it easy to bring her on to share her expertise. It meant a lot that Indigo was able to schedule the call for a time my whole team could be there too! I felt like she went above and beyond, and I'm already trying to figure out how I can work with her again. Indigo is a wealth of knowledge and very communicative. She's super even keel, and keeps it all glued together. She's calm, helpful, and resourceful! Indigo helped me understand something that has a lot of ins and outs and was really patient with me."

- Reina Pomeroy, life + biz success coach at Reina + Co

"Speaking with Indigo feels like talking with a friend."

“Before I had my coaching call with Indigo, I was struggling with direction on what to focus on and how to get started. I really enjoyed working with Indigo during our call, and it was obvious she is a professional but it felt like I was talking with a friend. Now I have a great direction and feel so inspired! Indigo helped me see that I am able and I have a great idea worth pursuing, and now I have clear direction on focus for my business, price points and the next steps to take. I had a great experience, and the email support after our call was so helpful!”

Andi Lambert, virtual assistant and founder of

I know Indigo has my back.

“Before finding Indigo, I was struggling with finding someone who knew all the online software pieces I used and wouldn't require any training - that kind of high level knowledge is difficult to come by. I hired Indigo because I needed help with a small project. As soon as I met her I could tell she REALLY knew her stuff, and I signed up for her retainer package immediately because I wanted her on my team. I know Indigo has my back.”

- Farideh, launch strategist at

Working with Indigo is efficient and worry-free.

“I hired Indigo because she had sent an intro email that really stood out to me. It was professional, and still full of personality, which I knew I wanted in someone who would be potentially corresponding with my clients. When I hired her, I was struggling with all the admin work that comes with blogging - it was dragging me down! Getting help with my inbox was the most impactful moment because it is the part of my business that I struggle with the most, and it's so helpful to have Indigo organize everything and get responses started for me. And I was pleasantly surprised when Indigo took over managing my Pinterest account. It wasn't something I had really thought about handing over, but I wasn't doing anything with it and now it's super active thanks to Indigo's knowledge! After working with her for almost a year, I'm feeling more in control of my business and I'm able to focus on the parts I enjoy the most. Working with Indigo is efficient and worry-free.”

- Lisa Butler, web developer and founder of Elembee

I am so grateful I hired her!

"Before hiring Indigo and her team, I was struggling with social media exposure. Indigo was highly recommended to me, and I am so grateful I hired her! I was surprised at how fast my Pinterest and Instagram following grew with her and her team managing them. If you're thinking about hiring Indigo and her team, absolutely do it!"

- Lauren Brown, founder of Laurelizabrown Designs

I highly recommend working with Indigo to get your systems in order

“Before my Systems Intensive with Indigo, I had been struggling with feeling like I even have systems and getting things done in an efficient + organized way. During the session, some of the a-ha moments seemed so simple, yet I couldn't have thought of it because I was too close to the problem. The most impactful moment of our Intensive was hearing that I can create a schedule that gives me certain days for clients and myself. Now I'm feeling ready to make the changes that Indigo and I talked about! I would highly recommend working with Indigo to get your systems in order - I feel less stressed + more motivated after just chatting for a few hours, and knowing that there is a solid game plan now”

- Stephanie Gilbert, social media strategist + founder of Small Talk Social

Indigo was born to help people launch products and manage projects.

“I hired Indigo because I needed someone to help me not feel so crazy and stressed during the launch of my upcoming course. I knew all the moving parts that were involved but was freaking out over how I would find the time to do it all while working my ‘normal person job’ as a nurse. I didn’t know how to execute them with ease and grace. Indigo surprised me with how knowledgeable she was about different launch strategies and ways to make income. It’s like Indigo was born to help people launch products and manage projects. Working with Indigo is easy, graceful, and amazing. If you’re thinking of hiring her, do it! Do not even hesitate - she is WELL WORTH THE MONEY.”

- Clarissa Rodriguez, founder of Girl, Budget Life and creator of the Rock@College program


Indigo gave me the next steps I needed to take to set the foundation for my business.

“Before I worked with Indigo, I was struggling with direction and figuring out my target market. I had a list of a million things I wanted to get done, but didn't know where to start. During just one coaching call, Indigo helped me define my target market, my offers and gave me the next steps I needed to take to set the foundation for my business. I felt tangible shifts in my vision for my virtual assistant business, my motivation to make this come to life, and my excitement to become a virtual assistant went through the roof! I can't thank her enough!”

- Amy Coats, founder of Virtual COO Solutions


“Indigo is an awesome, reliable person and I love having someone that gets stuff done! I only have three words to say if you’re considering working with Indigo: hire her now.”

- Nicole Fikes, creative director and founder of Merrygood

“I was pleasantly surprised at how organized, quick and professional Indigo is. After almost a year together, I’m feeling so grateful!

If you’re asking yourself if you should work with Indigo, this is all I have to say: absolutely do it!”

- Katie Johnson, founder of Katie Johnson Interior Design