i see you, heart-centereD AND CREATIVE BUSINESS OWNER.

let me be your right-hand woman, and handle the backend of your projects so that you can get back to what lights you up in your business.


You have a business that you love, and a desire to change people's lives for the better. You give everything to your business, but somewhere along the way you got so bogged down in managing your business that you lost the joy of creating.

Right now you're operating outside of YOUR zone of genius, trying to keep track of all your projects and your team, while your creative energy is zapped and everything feels like a struggle.

You daydream about having someone else handle all of the management, all of the project planning, all of the task management. But you keep doing those things, hoping something will change and thinking that maybe, if you do them enough, you'll start to enjoy those parts of your business.

Ashlyn Carter Headshot.png
Before working with Indigo, I was struggling with being the most Type A, organized, systematic person I know... and still losing HOURS each week trying to run a business on my own.

I had a few brain dumps with Indigo, and it was like she could read my mind! Indigo whipped out beautiful folder organizations and more.

After we finished working together, my immediate thought was ‘What else can she do for me?’

Since working with Indigo, I realized that you have NO idea how much outsourcing can help you operate in your sphere of genius. It’s worth it!
— Ashlyn Carter, copywriter, calligrapher and founder of Ashlyn Writes

As your project manager, I'm there every step of the way to make sure things are running smoothly so you don't have to.

That means that you get your time back to step into your zone of genius again, you'll have brain space and creative energy to bring the things into the world that are inside of you, and you'll feel confident knowing that you have a partner who has been there and done that, who will make sure things are always running like clockwork.




I'll come in with a fresh pair of eyes, which will allow me to see things that you or your team might not be able to as you are so close to what is happening in your business.


You'll fill me in on your overall goals, and I'll turn those into detailed, actionable, and strategy-based action plans. That means everyone will know what to do when, and how it helps you reach your overall goal.


I'll keep you and your team accountable for meeting deadlines, completing tasks, and providing feedback. This means everyone will keep moving forward and any roadblocks will be overcome quickly.


the packages

Based on what your unique needs are, there are three ways that we can work together.


  • This is perfect for you if you just want the action plan for executing your project, but want to manage it yourself
  • Includes two strategy calls and full build-out of the project plan in your project management software


  • This is perfect for you if you have an upcoming launch or single project you want managed
  • Includes two strategy calls and full build-out of the project plan in your project management software, management of you and your team, weekly check-ins, and more


  • This is perfect for you if you have multiple or ongoing projects that you want managed
  • Includes strategy calls, full build-out of any project plans in your project management software, management of you and your team, weekly check-ins, and more

The best thing about working with her is that she anticipates problems and offers a solution so I don’t have to.
— Caitlin Bacher, founder of CaitlinBacher.com

Ready to get started?

Simply fill out your information, and you'll automagically get a link to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me.

Packages start at $1,500 USD.


frequently asked questions

+ How do I know that I’m ready for a Project Manager?

If you consistently feel frustrated, tired, and overwhelmed by your business you’re ready for an overhaul.

+ How long will we be working together?

That depends on the package you choose! To create a Project Plan, we'll work together for 2-4 weeks. To manage one project (like a launch), we'll work together for 2-3 months. For ongoing management, there is a 3-month minimum commitment.

+ What kinds of projects do you manage?

My specialty is in managing course launches, group program/mastermind launches, webinars, and content (such as blog posts or podcasts).

+ Do you do any of the implementation?

No. This is so that I can focus 100% on managing you and your team. I can help you hire someone to do implementation, but I do not offer that as part of my packages.