Ep. 008 | Taking Cues from Nature with Shelly Jackson Buffington


In this episode I talk with Shelly Jackson Buffington, and we dig into nature and how nature can inform what we’re doing in our lives, having space for ourselves, how distance from our situations can help us interpret them in a different way, and more!

This episode is perfect for you if you are interested in learning from nature, and approaching your life and work in an incredibly intentional way.

In this episode Shelly and I talk about:

  • How Shelly integrated nature into her coaching practice, and how nature informs the work she does

  • Different ways you can engage with nature on a daily basis, even if you live in a big city

  • What a “nature sit spot” is and how you can find one

  • How you can tap into nature as a resource for finding your own inner resourcefulness

  • Why setting an intention every day is so powerful

  • How you can use distance from an experience to benefit you

  • How to start tapping back into your story of inner resilience during a challenging time

  • What can go into a self-care toolkit

  • Why it’s important to step off of the hamster wheel of busyness

  • Why you should stop playing the comparison game

  • How to start being your own self-advocate