Ep. 014 | Navigating The Journey of Entrepreneurship with Amanda Boleyn


In this episode I talk with Amanda Boleyn, founder of She Did It Her Way, about her journey from corporate to full-time, freelance, entrepreneurship.

We dig into the concept of a “bridge job” and how it can be helpful when you’re first getting started. And we talk about really feeling your feelings, choosing the thoughts that you’re thinking, how to start protecting and prioritizing your time, energy, and resources, and so much more!

In This Episode Amanda and I Talk About:

  • Amanda’s journey from Corporate to entrepreneurship

  • What is a “bridge job”?

  • How to prepare to transition into doing your own thing

  • The ups and downs of the journey and how to learn and keep going

  • Actively and consciously choosing your thoughts

  • The vulnerability of creating

  • Allowing yourself to feel

  • Navigating feelings of self doubt

  • How your thoughts impact your results

  • Shifting your mindset and learning from failure

  • The difference between passive action and massive action

  • Becoming self aware and tuning into ourselves

  • Taking care of yourself first and how it impacts your results

  • Being intentional with, and protecting your time and energy

  • Giving ourselves permission

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