Ep. 013 | Realigning To Your Sweet Spot with Shauna VanBogart


Today I am talking with one of the coaches that I have worked with in the past year who I love, Shauna VanBogart. In this episode, Shauna and I talk about themes around how the answer to more is less, how things are always changeable and we are always realigning to our sweet spot, and that we are always supported by the Universe, by ourselves, and by our intuition.

In this episode Shauna and I talk about:

  • How entrepreneurs tend to over-complicate things

  • Aligning to your sweet spot and how it’s unique to you

  • What makes up your sweet spot

  • How to find what’s right for you and your business

  • Learning to lean into your intuition to drive your business

  • The continual practice of balancing alignment and action

  • The fear of taking a break to step back, and the benefit of taking that time to deep dive into what you really want

  • Filtering and editing down to less, in order to achieve more

  • How and what Shauna stripped down in her business, in order to discover what she really needed to find her readjusted sweet spot

  • Reminding yourself that you are in control of the rules of your business

  • How to stop overthinking about the future in order to create in the now

  • Giving yourself permission to adjust and change

  • Trusting in your knowing and letting go of specifics when it feels good

  • Appreciating contrast and not allowing it to be a limiting belief

  • Why revisiting resources can be important along your journey

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