Ep. 011 | Eating For Health and Not For Weight with Kelly Scott


Today I’m talking with Kelly Scott about bringing together eating intuitively while following the autoimmune protocol, giving yourself permission to put yourself and your needs first, and distinguishing the difference between eating for weight and eating for health.

IMPORTANT: This episode contains discussions about eating disorders and health (symptoms, medication, etc). If either of those things will trigger you, please do NOT listen to this episode.

In this episode Kelly and I talk about:

  • Navigating the restrictions you’re given when you’re diagnosed with an autoimmune condition

  • Why we need to look at more than just food when we’re trying to heal

  • How stress can play into our self-talk and results we’re seeing

  • The way Kelly’s eating disorder formed and her journey healing from it

  • How Kelly started to eat intuitively while also supporting her body by eating within the autoimmune protocol

  • Why shame doesn’t have a place in the conversation

  • Why you should be eating for health, and not for weight

  • How you can start choosing the feelings that you want to feel

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