you're ready to use seva (formerly convertkit) for your email marketing, but you don't know how to get started


You've heard how seva can take your email marketing from blah to booming,


but you don't know the full extent of what it can do for your business, or how to navigate the software.


If we're being honest, you'd rather ignore your email marketing forever than try to figure out how to move over to Seva and set it up for your business.




I specialize in migrating your email marketing to Seva, setting up simple systems that use it's features to their fullest potential, and creating a branded email template unique to your business.

I'm so glad Indigo handled my migration!

"Before migrating to ConvertKit, I was struggling with how to effectively nurture new clients that were coming to my website, who wanted to work with me, but couldn't afford a big price tag. I decided to move over to ConvertKit, and I'm so glad Indigo handled my migration! She took care of things so that I didn't even have to think about them. I didn't have to follow up or ask where she was in the process. The migration just happened, like magic fairies that get things done while you sleep. Having Indigo handle my migration was so worth it."

- Lauren Caselli, founder of Lauren Caselli Events, Boss Lady Bash, and the Athena Conference

When i started using SEVA in 2015, i didn't know how much it would impact my business


I thought it was something that was just a little bit more robust than MailChimp, and not as intimidating as InfusionSoft.


Since launching various services, digital products, and having various segments of my audience who are interested in different things, Seva has allowed me to talk directly to the people who need the information instead of blasting everyone with information they won't care about.


That has allowed me to make a livable wage from my email list, and keep my subscribers engaged by sending them content that is relevant to their interests.


Now i want to help you achieve the same success by using Seva for your email marketing.


here is a taste of seva's built-in features:


Responsive forms


Automation sequences


Audience tagging


Automation rules

Branded email template


Automatic duplication of blog posts via RSS


Audience segmenting


Landing pages


What will happen during your Seva migration?
Here’s what the migration process:


After you've booked your migration, I'll send you a Seva migration form to fill out in order to officially kick off your migration. This gives me all of the information that I'll need to make your migration as quick, efficient, and smooth as possible.


We’ll hop on the phone for a quick pre-migration call. I'll make sure that we're on the same page and that I have everything I need from you to get started.


I'll work behind the scenes on your migration - this includes set up of your automation sequences, creating opt-in forms, creating your unique, branded email template, and more. This process typically takes about two weeks, but it can take more or less time depending on your specific list.


We'll hop on the phone for a post-migration call once everything has been set up. I'll walk you through the backend of your new Seva account, show you the basics, and answer any questions that you have.


Having Indigo handle my Seva migration undoubtedly saved me WEEKS of time

"Before Indigo migrated me to Seva, I wasn't ever sending emails. Now I'm relieved to have an email system that makes sense to me! Indigo was incredibly knowledgeable and I was surprised at how quick she was with every single change or request I made. I loved that she gave me a walkthrough of how everything works in Seva! Having Indigo handle my Seva migration undoubtedly saved me WEEKS of time. I'm thrilled I got her to migrate me! She was so professional, quick to respond, and quick to edit or implement any requests I made. It was such a great experience!"

- Laura Neff, founder of Laura Lee Creative




$597 USD
  • For email lists up to 10,000 subscribers.
  • Migration will typically be completed within 2 weeks.
  • Set up of 5 automation sequences.
  • Set up of 10 automation rules.
  • Creation of 1 custom, branded email template.
  • Creation of 1 custom unsubscribe link.
  • Creation of 20 opt-in forms.
  • Tagging + segmentation of subscribers.
  • Import subscribers from previous email service provider.
  • 30 free days of ConvertKit (if creating a new account).
  • One pre- and one post-migration video call.

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