I am going to teach you how to use the most powerful
tools + systems to streamline, automate, and grow your business.


Through the Business Systems Academy, you will have access to everything I know about the best tools, systems, and platforms to take your business from struggling to soaring.


I’ll teach you the basics of each system, and then guide you through more advanced strategies to make sure you’re getting the most out of each system.


Once you know how to use these systems, your business will generate more revenue, you’ll be spending less time stuck in admin hell, and you’ll have at least five extra hours to read and relax every week (thank you automations!) 




You know things could be better, but you’re not sure how. And you signed up for all these tools that are supposed to make your life easier, but they’re actually making your life harder.


You’re spending hours and hours scouring Facebook groups, Google, and the system knowledge bases, hoping to absorb some insight on how to use this thing you signed up for -- but it’s not really working.


You’re tired of paying for something that creates frustration every month, or even just having an account that you never use.


The Business Systems Academy is a choose-your-own-adventure style of tech tutorials, system guides, and resources on how to use these tools + set up streamlined systems with them.


You’ll choose which guide you want to go through, depending on what platform you’re trying to learn more about. Inside each guide you’ll find bite-sized videos that walk you through the basics of the platform (101 level videos) and all the way to advanced ways to use it for your business (301 level videos).


There are also various resources for you to use, that are all meant to help you streamline + improve your business quickly. Think spreadsheet templates, guides to delegating various things in your business, and masterclasses.


“Before finding Indigo, I was struggling with finding someone who knew all the online software pieces I used and wouldn't require any training - that kind of high level knowledge is difficult to come by.”

- Farideh, launch strategist at

Choose Your Resource


Asana Tech Tutorial

Learn everything you need to know about using Asana as a project management software for
your business.



Asana 101: Calendar
Asana 101: Dashboard
Asana 101: Files
Asana 101: Inbox
Asana 101: Projects
Asana 101: Reports
Asana 101: Sections
Asana 101: Tasks


Asana 201: Creating Project Templates
Asana 201: Customizing Your Task View
Asana 201: Teams


Asana 301: Creating Your CRM System
Asana 301: Inviting Your Team

Acuity Tech Tutorial

Learn everything you need to know about using Acuity to schedule everything for your business.



Acuity 101: Appointments
Acuity 101: Appointment Types
Acuity 101: Availability
Acuity 101: Client’s Scheduling Page
Acuity 101: Email Settings
Acuity 101: Intake Form Questions
Acuity 101: Payment Settings
Acuity 101: Sync With Other Calendars


Acuity 201: Blocking Time
Acuity 201: Creating A Multi-Person Appointment Type
Acuity 201: Customizing Client’s Scheduling Page
Acuity 201: Integrations
Acuity 201: Manage Users

ConvertKit Tech Tutorial

Learn everything you need to know about using ConvertKit as your email service provider for your business.



ConvertKit 101: Forms
ConvertKit 101: Automations
ConvertKit 101: Broadcasts
ConvertKit 101: Landing Pages
ConvertKit 101: Sequences
ConvertKit 101: Subscribers


ConvertKit 201: Advanced Subscriber Tagging
ConvertKit 201: Creating A Custom Template
ConvertKit 201: Setting Up Integrations
ConvertKit 201: Setting Up Sales Funnels
ConvertKit 201: Setting Up Webinar Sequences


ConvertKit 301: Automating Weekly Newsletters
ConvertKit 301: Excluding Purchasers From Your Sales Sequences
ConvertKit 301: Setting Up CRM Sequences


“I just switched to ConvertKit
and spent all day learning the
new system with the help of the Business Systems Academy!

ConvertKit is complicated, but having examples of how other bloggers and business owners use the platform were so helpful and made my transition much easier.”

- Hayden Smith, Charlotte Smith Pastured Meats

Delegating 101: Blog Post

This Google Doc template walks you through every piece of information you need to give your virtual assistant so they can successfully schedule your blog posts.

your blog posts
for $9

Delegating 101: Email Marketing

These two Google Doc templates walk you through every piece of information you need to give your virtual assistant so they can successfully schedule your email sequences and one-time newsletters.

Delegate your
email marketing
for $14

Delegating 101: Webinar Set-Up

This Google Doc template walks you through every piece of information you need to give your virtual assistant so they can successfully create the backend of your webinars, create all of the necessary pages, and schedule the emails.

Delegate your webinar set-up
for $9

Launch Organization Spreadsheets

Everything you need to organize your launched and sales cycles for your business.


- Annual launch planner (so you can map out every launch you want to have this year)

- Q1 - Q4 launch goals (so you can know what you’re aiming for with your launches)

- Launch plan template (so you can map out everything you need to do for each stage of your launch)

Grab the spreadsheets for $7

Prep For A VA Toolkit

This resource bundle walks you through everything you need to do in order to successfully prepare your business for a virtual assistant -- documenting your systems, figuring out your budget, deciding what to delegate, and even writing your job posting.


- My business systems checklist for auditing your business systems.

- A spreadsheet that will automatically help you calculate your budget for a virtual assistant.

- The exact worksheet I use with my clients and students to help them figure out what to delegate to a virtual assistant.

- PLUS the exact job posting template from my course, Hire Your VA in 1 Week.

Prep for a VA for $37

Systemize Your Branding Masterclass

This is a replay of the masterclass I did with Kaitlyn of The Crown Fox in early 2016. We put together the masterclass to teach you everything you need to know in order to truly systemize your branding.


- 4 hours of intensive tutorials on how to systemize your branding -- think step-by-step processes, tech tutorials, and more!

- Workbooks, worksheets, and checklists for you to use in the workshop and when you really dig into the process of systemizing your branding.

- Lifetime access to the recordings so you can refer back to them as you continue to streamline and systemize your branding

Systemize Your Branding for $49


In case we’ve never met before, I’m Indigo. I am here to help you create empowering strategies for your creative online business.


I work with business owners just like you who are struggling in the day-to-day operations of their businesses.


Helping you create simple strategies that make you feel empowered and like you can conquer the world means that you can (finally) move past those feelings of doubt, frustration, and stress that have become second nature.


Because when you feel supported by your strategies, instead of lost and confused, your entire business feels different. Instead of feeling constantly behind, you’re ahead on your work.


My mission to create empowering strategies all began when I started my virtual assistant business. I saw first-hand how many creative business owners were struggling with their systems, and felt like everything was slipping through the cracks.


Now I’m here to take what I’ve learned from empowering my clients with simple strategies over two years and help you achieve the same results.


I know that you’re a DIY-loving business owner, which is why I’m putting together all of my knowledge of different systems in one place for you. That way you can go through everything at your own pace, and only focus on the things that you need.

The Business Systems Academy is built to save you hundreds of hours, so you can learn what you need to and hit the ground running.


You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers!


+ When do I get access to the Business Systems Academy and the resources?

You’ll get full access to everything inside as soon as your payment is processed.

+ How often will the Business Systems Academy be updated?

At least once a month there will be a new resource added here. If you have the lifetime access, it will automatically show up for you!

+ Do you offer refunds?

Due to the instant access and digital nature of the Business Systems Academy’s content, there are no refunds.