Why You Need To Write A Job Posting When You're Looking For A Virtual Assistant


A few months ago I shared three mistakes people make when going to look for a virtual assistant, and one of those was not writing a job posting. But today I want to dig deeper into why you NEED to write a job posting, and how it will help you find the virtual assistant of your dreams!

See, hiring a virtual assistant is a lot like finding a significant other (especially if you're doing the whole online dating thing!). So consider your job posting your OKkCupid or Match profile -- it has everything you want the other person to know about you and your business, so you are only attracting people who resonate with those things. (You're really trying to repel those people who just message "ur hot" and then get mad when you never reply).

One of the benefits to writing out a job posting, like writing your online dating profile, is the fact that you can lay out your expectations from the beginning. You want to be as specific as possible -- not only because saying "I want someone who can do EVERYTHING" is a bad idea from the start, but because the universe loves specificity.

So if you say "I want to work with a virtual assistant who is based in the USA, who is great at customer service, and can Skype with me every week to touch base," in your job posting, you are very likely to find someone who fits all of those specific attributes.

Writing out a job posting also forces you to really think about what you're looking for, what you need taken off your plate, and how you're going to measure your applicants.

Let's pretend like we're online dating again -- if you said in your profile that you only want to talk to people who use proper grammar and punctuation, you probably wouldn't respond to anyone who writes you a message LiK3 tHiS!!!!!!, right? The same goes for your job posting. If you say that you will only consider candidates who can type 90 words per minute and someone reaches out that can only type 5, you're not going to consider them because you already outlined your expectations.

Having these ways of measuring your applicant's capabilities for the job will not only help you, but it will also help them. You'll repel 99% of people who don't meet those expectations or qualifications. And you're also avoiding the "blind date" scenario by writing out your job posting, instead of saying "Let's Skype and go over everything!!" and hoping for the best. Instead, you're pre-qualifying people and only talking with the ones that fit your expectations and really stand out.

If you want step-by-step guidance writing out your job posting, make sure you check out my course Hire Your VA in 1 Week! I give you a plug-and-play template to make sure you're covering all of your job posting bases ;)