Why You Need Canned Responses for Client Emails

Have you ever heard of the Gmail lab “Canned Responses”? If you haven’t, here’s a really quick explanation: You enable the lab inside your Gmail account, which then allows you to save templates of emails you send frequently!

These canned responses are absolute LIFESAVERS when it comes to communicating with your clients. While Slack is my favorite way to communicate day-to-day, there are certain emails you are always going to send to your clients - onboarding, offboarding, and check-ins.

I’m sure you can start to imagine why having saved templates for all those emails can be a game-changer for your business! But in case you can’t, here are two reasons why you need canned responses for client emails:


With canned responses, you’re really only writing these emails one time. 

That means you only have to think of everything you need to send to your client when you’re onboarding them one time. You only have to find all the links you need to send them once.

After you write the email template and save it as a canned response? You’re just changing a few things (like your client’s name!) every time you send that email, but you aren’t starting from scratch.


As small business owners, we are all pressed for time and looking for ways to save time. We’re all looking for ways to spend less time on boring admin tasks so we can do what we really love.
By using canned responses for your client emails, you’re cutting down a potentially two-hour long ordeal of trying to remember everything you need to send your client, or ask them to send to you, into a maybe 10-minute long task.

Imagine what you can do with all that saved time - you can work on your client’s deliverables, instead of writing emails to them. Which means you can finish projects faster, which wows your client and increased their experience with you.

Have you ever used canned responses before? How’d you like them? Let me know in the comments!