Why Slack Is My Favorite Client Communication Tool

When it comes to communicating with clients, there are so many ways that it can happen. Email threads, text messages, Facebook messages, phone calls, video calls, etc. 

And while it’s important as a service-based business owner to put boundaries around how you communicate with your clients, there is one way that I absolutely love to communicate with my clients (and my team!).

That is through the application Slack.

Slack is essentially an instant-message platform for businesses. It allows for organized, quick communication and saves everyone from the feeling of having an email back and forth with 50+ messages. But there are three specific reasons that it’s my hands-down favorite way to communicate with clients:


You’re probably not a stranger to the concept of email overwhelm. And when you have multiple clients, your inbox can get reeaallllyy crowded, really quickly. 

But when you use Slack, you’re able to have all those conversations outside of your inbox. This means everyone is getting less emails (which is a win!) and everything is in one place. 

And when everything is one place? It’s archived, searchable, and organized. Which brings me to my next point… 


You know all those different things you have going on in your business? In Slack you can separate them out into different channels so all of your conversations are organized. This way you aren’t having one huge, nonsensical chat about everything going on, and you can contain all the files etc to what they’re relating to.

For example, in my own business’ Slack team, I have channels for:

  • Client Systems Mastery (a course that I’m currently creating!)
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Team Meetings
  • Wins
  • Etc

This means that everything relating to the course I’m working on goes into the corresponding channel, so that it’s all self-contained. This ensures that all of your conversations are relevant to the general topic.


If you have multiple members on your team that perform specific jobs, sometimes it can be difficult to make sure everyone is communicating on the things they need to be. But when you use Slack, everyone is encouraged to talk directly to each other!

In my own team, I have an amazing, tiny team consisting of a virtual assistant and a graphic designer. Because we all know what our roles are, and what we need from everybody else, the three of us are able to communicate amongst ourselves in Slack to get what we all need.

And as your team grows, this can be such an easy way to make sure your team is bonding, that everyone knows what everyone else does, and that everyone is on the same page.

How do you love to communicate with your clients? Are you going to try using Slack? Let me know in the comments!