Why ConvertKit Is My Favorite Email Marketing Platform


If you're in this online creative business world, you've probably heard of ConvertKit* by now -- the email marketing platform that is taking the world by storm. And for good reason! It's kind of super amazing ;)

I've been using ConvertKit in my business for almost eight months now, and have migrated countless clients over to it from other systems. The reason? ConvertKit will make your email marketing unstoppable.

Today I want to share with you a few reasons why ConvertKit is SO powerful, and why it's an asset you need in your business arsenal. 

ConvertKit is basically split into five sections: forms (how people opt in for your list), sequences (automated email series), broadcasts (one-time emails you send to your list), subscribers (the people who are on your list), and automations (triggered actions that happen automatically - think of an in-house version of IFTTT that's specific to JUST ConvertKit).



The really great thing about ConvertKit forms is the data they give you, and the fact that you can create as many as you want!

Say you have a main lead magnet that you're promoting on your site, and you want to know where people are actually opting in for it. You can create a form for each spot on your site (cover page, announcement bar, footer, etc.) that all link to the same lead magnet. But then, inside of ConvertKit, you can see which spot has the highest conversion rate.



These are SUPER powerful, and I cover a bunch of different ways you can use them in The Vault, but one of my favorite ways is to use them for sales funnels! Instead of scheduling your individual launch emails as broadcasts, you can just string them together in a sequence, add the relevant subscribers, and watch it go!

Plus, all of your statistics and data is in one spot, so it's super easy to see which emails are performing the best and where people are dropping off.



My favorite thing about broadcasts is how easy they are to whip up! They make sending those weekly emails to your list a breeze.

You also get a super logical flow between specifying who is getting that broadcast, inputting your content, and previewing it before you press send.

Plus, you can schedule broadcasts anytime into the future, so they always go out on time ;)



With ConvertKit, you have a TON of control over your subscribers. As opposed to something like MailChimp, where you have to create a new list for every content upgrade, webinar, or course, you have one single list inside of ConvertKit.

Then, you can create tags and segments (which are basically just groups of tags you're pulling together) to track behavior, interests, what sequences people are in, etc.

Plus you don't get charged for double subscribers! Since ConvertKit is subscriber-based instead of list-based, they're smart enough to add multiple tags to a single user profile. For example, if I have five different content upgrades and you opt in for all of them, I'll only have ONE profile for you inside of ConvertKit, but your profile will have five tags -- one for each content upgrade you opted in form.



This is where the real magic of ConvertKit is, in my opinion! Automations let you automatically move people through sequences, funnels, add tags, remove tags, and so much more!

Instead of typing out everything about automations, I want to give you a FREE preview of the 101: Automations tech training in The Vault. Simply click the button below to see it!


By using all of these things together, and what I teach you in The Vault, you can create incredibly advanced strategies in no time with ConvertKit. And those strategies will truly help you create unstoppable email marketing plans! ;)

Do you use ConvertKit? Let me know what your favorite thing about it is in the comments below!

*The links to ConvertKit inside this post are affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission when you sign up through my affiliate link. I only promote products and programs that I use and believe in!