What's The Difference Between A Project Manager And An Online Business Manager?

What's The Difference Between A Project Manager And An Online Business Manager? | www.indigocolton.com

Since becoming a project manager, one of the questions I get asked the most is “What’s the difference between a project manager and an online business manager?” 

And I totally get it -- I had that same question for so long! Today I want to share what I consider to be the differences to be, so that you can understand them, and determine which one you need.

Project Manager

A project manager is only working on 1-3 projects at a time

A project manager is focused on a specific number of projects within your business -- usually 1-3.

These projects are usually the most pressing for you. Think things like launches, content marketing, client work, etc.

By taking ownership of a few projects within your business, they are allowing you to know that those projects will be fully taken care of and give you the bandwidth back to also focus on the rest of your business.

A project manager does no implementation, JUST management

The project manager is focused on managing the projects that they are working on. This allows them to keep everyone on track, answer any questions that come up, and be able to fully focus on managing the project with success.

If you want to know more about how a project manager works with your team when they aren’t doing implementation, click here!

Online Business Manager

An online business manager is working on your entire business

When you are working with an online business manager, they are managing your entire business.

That means everything from your launches to your daily social media posts.

This gives you someone who is involved with everything, but it also means that they aren’t as focused on a handful of specific projects.

An online business manager does management AND implementation

An online business manager also handles managing you, your team, the tasks, etc. but they also implement different things in your business.

That means that they are doing two different things, and they are not solely focused on executing the management portion.

And while that is not a bad thing, it means that your online business manager will be less focused on making sure the projects run smoothly because they are involved in every aspect of your business and executing the tasks they’ve determined need to be done.


Does your business need a project manager or an online business manager right now? Let me know in the comments!