What Is A VA & How Can Hiring One Help Your Business?


If you're like most solopreneurs or bloggers, you think that you have to go it alone. (Hence the "solo" in solopreneur.)


Even if you haven't taken a vacation in months, you always feel behind on your work, and you can't remember the last time you slept a full night. And while yes, most entrepreneurs begin by bootstrapping everything and doing it all alone, the thing is? You don't have to.

Those 12-14 hour days, the mornings that disappear entirely because you can't get out of your inbox, the to-do list that makes you want to cry when you even think about it -- none of those are helping you. They're hurting you. Hurting your business.

This is where a virtual assistant (VA) comes in. A VA is someone, like me, that you hire to take some of the daily, tedious work off of your plate so you have more time to dedicate to the rest of your business.

But why would you pay someone to do things that you're perfectly capable of doing? When you haven't achieved that metric of success that you're striving towards?


Because delegating things that eat up your time and energy, that you don't enjoy doing, that keep you in the cycle of going from tedious task to tedious task is what will allow you to start feeling on top of things again. Growing your team means that you can hand off the nitty-gritty work to focus on the bigger picture.


You can start dreaming and planning on a bigger scale.

And don't you want to feel supported instead of panicked and struggling? Wouldn't you rather know that you have someone who is 150% invested in helping your business to be the best it can be, in helping you be the best you can be?


Just take a minute to imagine life after hiring a VA:

  • Your revenue is doubling, tripling, quadrupling because you have time to start doing collaborations and joint ventures

  • You confidently plan out the next 6-12 months (including time blocked off for vacations!)

  • You're able to spend entire days helping your clients and can finally show up and be present without worrying about everything else that needs to be done

  • You have a free hour to dedicate to creating that product that's been in the back of your mind for days, weeks, months

  • You don't have to cancel plans with your friends or family anymore


All of this is achievable. All of this is why you should already be thinking about hiring a VA -- because it's going to change your business, and your life.

I know what you're thinking right now: "But aren't VA's for people that are making 5-6 figures every month or every year? Aren't they just for those super successful entrepreneurs who figured out the magic formula?" The answer to both of those is no. VA's are for every entrepreneur, freelancer, solopreneur, infopreneur, small business owner, etc.

If you own a business, or you work with clients, or you're just feeling plain overwhelmed -- you can (and should) hire a VA. (Tweet this!)

After all, you started your business or blog to create things that will delight, amaze, and be of service to your tribe. But somehow you've found yourself being bogged down by the day-to-day tasks (like checking your email when you get into the office and realizing it's past lunchtime when you're done) and have no idea how to get back into your creation zone.


Hiring a VA will give you back:

  • Your time so you can do what truly lights you up inside
  • Your energy -- no more feeling drained from doing data entry
  • Your creativity so you can create that next product or service
  • Your ability to continue increasing your revenue exponentially


I have been working as a VA for about a year and a half, and I've gotten to the point in my own business where I want all of those things back: I want more time to do things that I'm passionate about, more energy to devote to my business, more creativity opened up so I can create the courses and services that I know I'm capable of, and the ability to increase how much I'm capable of earning.

I thought that I had to go it alone, especially because I am a VA. Why would I hire someone to do things that I do for my clients?

The answer? Because there's only so much I can do on my own.

By hiring a VA to take some things off of my plate, it opens up the realm of possibility for me to push myself and my business, to grow, to expand. To evolve in a way that isn't possible if it's just me. 

If you're ready to grow your team, and your business, I've created a course just for you! Click here to learn more about my course, Hire Your VA in 1 Week.