Systems Intensive Case Study: Magnoliahouse Creative

A new service that I'm offering is a Systems Intensive - basically, you and I sit down for half a day and dig into your current business systems. We look at how they're working now, what can be streamlined/made more efficient, and specific ways you can restructure your systems to live your ideal life.

I'll be sharing case studies from my clients who have gone through the Systems Intensive so that you can hear from them what the experience was like and what they took away from it! The first case study is with my dear friend Irene from Magnoliahouse Creative.

Irene and I have known each other for a good while now, since we are both on Heather Crabtree's team and we're in a mastermind together. So it was really fun to dive into Irene's business and help her feel less overwhelmed by #allthethings and more in control of her schedule, her client acquisition process, and not trying every new thing that crossed her mind.

Tell me a little bit about you and your business!

I'm a graphic designer + creative director who works with entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate and uplevel their businesses + brands. My husband is an ER doctor, so our lives are hectic and unpredictable. 

Give me a snapshot of what life was like before we had your Systems Intensive.

Before the Systems Intensive, I was really, really stressed out by my business. I was overwhelmed by being my own boss and deciding what to work on and when. I kept trying new things, but wasn't getting caught up, and felt like things were never going to get better.

What made you realize your systems weren't working?

I realized my systems weren't working when I was trying to do all the things, over and over again and not making any traction. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get editorial content scheduled in advance, was behind with my clients, and let my inbox dictate my day.

What was your experience like during the Intensive?

Fucking amazing. Indigo took me through every area of my business, helping me re-work and optimize everything. Most of all, she created systems that could actually WORK for me, and my crazy, creative brain.

What is the biggest takeaway from your Systems Intensive?

It is possible to make my business flow more smoothly, and I can have the life and business that I want.

What happened that you weren't expecting?

So much weight has been lifted off of me, and I'm excited to start work every day, rather than overwhelmed.

Now that it's been a few weeks since your Intensive, how have things changed?

I have a month of content scheduled in advance, and I'm starting to get caught up on both my client + business development projects. I'm planning for next year, and incorporating everything Indigo has suggested.

Would you recommend this service to other creative online business owners? Why or why not?

Absolutely, forever and ever amen. This is a service I totally didn't know that I needed, and I so, so do. The hours I've saved by systemizing the right way and the peace of mind are immeasurable.


You can find Irene online at Magnoliahouse Creative, where she works with with entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate and uplevel their businesses + brands.


If you're loving what Irene took away from her Systems Intensive, I'd love to have one with you! Simply click here to learn more about the process + start your application :)