How to Use Automations to Take Back Your Time


When we think about taking back our time, the first thing that usually comes to mind is hiring someone -- be it a virtual assistant, graphic designer, copywriter, etc.

But there’s actually something else that you can leverage today to start taking back your time: Automations.

Automations are just things that happen automatically in your business -- they take away the need for you to do things manually, and allow certain things to happen no matter if you’re working, traveling, sleeping, or eating.

Just by implementing automations in your business, you’ll be able to stop doing it all yourself, increase your revenue, and reclaim time that has been sunk into your business with no return so far.

Here are a few easy automations you can put in place today that can start to help you reclaim your time:

Put up an autoresponder on your inbox with answers to frequently asked questions / links people will need access to

This allows people who email you to get the information and/or answers to commonly answered questions without you needing to be in your inbox 24/7.

You can also let people know when they can expect an answer from you. This allows you to only check your email during certain days/times, and for the people emailing you to know you’ll get back to them as soon as you can.

Set up a social media scheduling software so your accounts stay active

You can have new content being pushed to your accounts without you having to be manually writing or publishing every single day.

Scheduling software also allows you to pre-write your content and have it sent out on the day you desire. That means less stress and more ease for you!

For most social media platforms you’ll be able to have things post automatically, but Instagram requires you to manually publish the post. You can use a software like Planoly to pre-schedule all of your content, and then spend 2-5 minutes actually posting the image when you get a notification.

Create a separate folder, email address and filter for newsletters in your email so they go into a folder without ever gracing your inbox

If you’re anything like me, you probably subscribe to 50-100+ email newsletters. You love getting all of them, but they clutter up your inbox and are super distracting.
By creating an email alias (I use you can still receive all of the newsletters, but filter them into a separate folder and keep them outside of your main inbox.

You’ll only see the emails that are most important in your inbox, but still see the newsletters whenever you’d like.

Set up a scheduling tool so people can book calls without having to correspond with you directly

When you have a scheduling tool like Acuity set up, you eliminate the countless “what time works for you?” email chain with people.

You send a link and the other person simply books for the time that works best for them. Acuity allows people to select their own time zone and have it automatically convert into your availability, which is perfect when you have clients or colleagues all around the globe.

What automation are you going to set up in your business today? Let me know in the comments below!