How Streamlining Your Operations Will Increase Your Revenue


When I work with business owners on getting their systems and operations streamlined and more efficient, the most common question I get is “How will this impact my revenue?”

Most of us hear “Systems” and think of something insanely boring and irrelevant to the creative work that we’re doing. After all, we created our own business so that we could be as creative as we wanted, right?

But at the end of the day, when you have systems your business runs smoother, you’re less stressed, you can get more done, and that all means that you are able to earn more money with less effort.

Here’s the simple equation I like to use (specifically for service-based businesses):

Efficient systems = happier clients/customers = more referrals = more $$$$$ in your bank account.

When you have efficient systems, especially when you work with clients, your clients and customers are happier. They have a better experience with you, they get better results, and they’re excited to work with you.

When your clients have a better experience with you, they’ll be more likely to refer you to their friends.

When you get more referrals, your revenue increases exponentially.

Then those two referrals send five people each to you. Those five people have amazing experiences and send ten people each to you. Those ten people have amazing experiences and send twenty people each to you. (Do you see the pattern yet?)

As you continue to deliver a WOW-worthy experience through the systems you’ve set up, you’ll continue to increase how many clients you’re getting, working with, and wowing. You’re exponentially increasing your referral marketing, which means your income is skyrocketing.

But if you didn’t have systems set up? 

You’d deliver a lackluster service.

Your clients would complain about you to their friends.

Those friends will look for someone else without ever having considered you.

You’ll hit an income ceiling and wonder why you can’t bust through it.

You’ll come up with another service.

You’ll book a couple clients, but it won’t be efficient.

And then the cycle just repeats again.

So when you take the time to really think through your systems, to put them in place and make sure that every little thing is accounted for you’ll be able to skyrocket your reputation, your income, and your client experience.