How A Project Manager Works With Your Team

How Does A Project Manager Work With Your Team? |

After sharing what a project manager is last week, I’ve gotten some questions about how a project manager actually works with your team. Today I want to dive in, and talk about the mechanics of how it works!

When you hire a team member like a project manager who doesn’t implement, but instead only manages, it can be confusing to figure out how they’re actually going to work with you and your team.

In my experience, there are three main ways that a project manager will work with your team to manage your projects and make sure things are getting done by their deadlines.


Depending on the projects that your project manager is helping you with, you may need someone to check in with you every day or on a weekly basis.

These check-ins can be through Slack, email, Voxer, text, etc -- whatever method of communication you and your project manager decide is best for how you work.

The purpose of the check-ins is to make sure that things are progressing smoothly, help you work through any obstacles or roadblocks that may have come up, and keep you accountable to completing the tasks that you need to.


Depending on what’s going on in your business, you may have weekly or monthly calls. Especially during a launch/promo period, your project manager will set up and lead calls with you and the entire team.

These calls allow everyone to be on the same page, communicate information, and problem-solve in there are any obstacles anyone on your team is currently facing.

The project manager will most likely take notes during this meeting, keep track of what new tasks need to be assigned, put any tasks or new deadlines into your project management system, etc. 


Whether or not you want to be more hands-off with your team, your project manager can be the first person your team asks questions to instead of you.

This gives you more time and space to focus on the things that you need to do, and it means that your team can get questions answered more quickly. The project manager is there to be a resource for your team, and part of that is to help answer questions, overcome obstacles, and stay on plan.

What other questions do you have about how a project manager can work with your team? Leave them below!