3 Ways A Virtual Assistant Will Revolutionize Your Business

There are three HUGE ways a virtual assistant will revolutionize your business. Do you know what they are? Click through to find out!

Last week we talked about why you need to write a job posting for a virtual assistant, but today I want to talk a little more about the big picture - why hiring a virtual assistant will revolutionize your business.




If you're anything like me, your default setting is to work harder than anyone, and for longer hours. Weekends? What are those? Stopping work to eat with your family or friends? That's a crazy notion.

But a lot of that likely stems from a fear that if you stop working, your business will collapse.

This isn't true.

And by hiring a virtual assistant, you'll be able to take time away from your business and know that someone else is looking after it and keeping it going.

So you can take long lunches, have a three or four day weekend, and read a book for pleasure in the middle of the day if you want.

You'll be able to take time for you again.


You'll be able to focus on the parts of your business that light you up.


I know that you got into business for a specific reason -- to follow an impulse or a dream and to create something that can be shared.

But that doesn't mean that you're necessarily in love with the admin or numbers parts of running a business, or the emails that come in every day, or being active on social media.

When you hire a virtual assistant you're able to delegate those things that you don't enjoy doing and just focus on what you do love. The things that inspired you to create a business in the first place.

And when you're working in your zone of genius, in the place where you're genuinely excited and lit up, that's how you're going to attract the clients and customers you need to keep your business growing.


You won't feel like you're alone in your business anymore.


It's true that one of the biggest things that demotivates online creative business owners is the feeling of loneliness. And it can definitely intensify when you're working alone in your business.

But when you hire a virtual assistant, you're bringing someone in to help you. There will be another person there to interact with, and bounce ideas off of.

There will also be this HUGE sense of relief when you know that you aren't responsible for absolutely everything in your business, but when you are handling just enough and there is someone else there with you.