3 Tools You Need When Working with Clients

When you’re working with clients, no matter what your industry is, you’ll need to have certain tools at your disposal. These tools will let you send things like quotes/proposals, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, keep on top of your tasks, and share deliverables with your clients.

While there are a plethora of tools out there that you can use, I want to share with you my top picks - and these are what I use in my own business. So no matter if I’m helping someone with their systems or migrating them to ConvertKit, I use these same three tools every single time.


The beauty of a platform like HoneyBook is that it houses all of your client documents, communication, and information in one place. 

With HoneyBook, I can do the following things in my client workflow:

  • Send a quote that proposes work I will do with a potential client
  • Send a contract that is legally binding
  • Send an invoice 
  • Send a questionnaire at any point during the project’s process

I’m also loving HoneyBook's automated workflows feature. This means that I spend a few minutes setting up a workflow once, and then I can assign it to any project and it will run automatically. Essentially allowing me to set and forget my client process, while knowing that everything is getting signed, sent, and delivered.

HoneyBook also allows you to build out templates for everything - quotes, invoices, contracts, emails that get sent to your clients, and more! This means that everything will be cohesive and consistent among all your clients with no extra work on your end.


If Asana ever disappeared, I honestly don’t know what I would do. I use Asana to manage my entire business, as well as my personal life! By having templates already set up for things like new client onboarding, project milestones, and every single thing I need to do for a project, Asana saves me hundreds of hours a month.

For example, when I work with a Systems Intensive client, I create a copy of my template project and assign everything out at the very beginning. This way every thing that I need to do pops up under “My Tasks” on the days I need to do them. It ensures that I get everything done without anything slipping through the cracks.

I also love Asana for collaboration - you can easily add clients, contractors, collaborators, etc. to different projects so you can communicate within the platform. That eliminates a LOT of email, and keeps everyone out of their inboxes. 

If you’re curious about Asana, but you’re not sure where to start, be sure to check out my Asana training!


The beauty of using Google Apps for Work is that you have everything you might need at your fingertips - email, calendar, online storage, and so much more!

Obviously, if you’re doing business online, you’ll be using email. I love Gmail almost as much as I love Asana, and part of that is because of Streak. Streak is a free CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that you can install, and it allows you to save templated emails, schedule emails to send, keep track of where clients are in your workflow, etc.

If you can’t tell, having templates set up is one of my favorite tricks for providing consistent service to your clients. It means that you don’t have to remember every single thing that goes into a contract, an email, or an Asana project, but ensures that every I is dotted and every T is crossed.

You can use Google Drive to send deliverables to your clients, and to house any other documents or files you need to have handy. 

For example, I have all of my ConvertKit Migration clients fill out a questionnaire before we get started. Once they’ve filled it out, I save a copy of it in their Google Drive folder for easy access.

What tools do you use when working with clients? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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