3 Mistakes People Make When They Go To Hire A VA (& How To Avoid Them!)


Today I wanted to share with you some mistakes that I see people make when they want to hire a VA, so you can avoid them. Especially since you know the importance of having a VA on your team now! These are common traps that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and solopreneurs fall into, and all they do is cause you more headaches down the road.


Mistake #1: Not setting up (or documenting) any systems in your business


You might be thinking that you don't need to worry about your business systems since you'll be hiring someone to fix them for you. But this is only going to come back and bite you after your VA is hired.

The reason for that?

They're going to be absolutely lost! And they're going to be asking you a lot of questions and needing a lot of direction, which could come across as them being inadequate or needing too much hand-holding. Which means that you might want to fire them since they aren't able to do their job.

But if you want to avoid that entire scenario? Start setting up your business systems now! Even if it's just documenting how you do certain things, like schedule a blog post, how you manage your social media, where you're building relationships online, or how you're currently onboarding new clients.

Documenting your business systems is one of the first things I like to have you do in Hire Your VA in 1 Week. Even if your systems are a little chaotic and don't make sense to anyone else but you, having a documented process that you can give to your VA and walk them through will ensure that you get off to a much better start when you start working together.

This also forces you to look at your systems, like take a really hard look, and see where things could potentially be streamlined. When you hire your VA, I would recommend going through your systems documentation and brainstorming with them to make sure that your business systems are efficient, repeatable, and streamlined.


Mistake #2: Not writing a job posting and putting it on your site


I can't tell you how many entrepreneurs I've seen that tweet and Instagram about how swamped they are and that they need a VA yesterday, but don't take the time to write a proper job posting. Instead, they say something like "Comment if you want to come work for me!"

Not only does this make the VA who sees the job post feel confused, it sets the person looking for a VA up for failure.

If you aren't sure how to write a job posting for a VA, this is something that we cover in-depth in Hire Your VA in 1 Week! I've created a worksheet that will essentially let you just plug in all of the information for your job posting so you know that you're covering every base and everything is organized.

Because not having a job posting is basically ensuring that you're going to either a) not get anyone to respond and want to work with you, or b) get people reaching out to you that are the complete wrong fit for you and your business.


Mistake #3: Not researching the people who respond to your job posting


It can be tempting to interview the people who responded to your job posting without doing any background research on them. In order for your VA to be beneficial to your business, it's imperative that you make sure you have a good connection and that your working styles mesh well. Without checking out their site or their social media accounts, you're setting yourself up for a lot of headaches if you decide to interview them.

One of the things that I recommend, and show you how to do in my course, is researching your candidates before you schedule an interview with them. When you go into your interviews without knowing anything beyond what they put in their application, you are not setting yourself up for success. I firmly believe that your VA candidate should know about you, your business, etc. before they go into the interview, but you need to know the same about them.

The reason for this is you can see how they conduct themselves before you (virtually) meet them. You can also see if what they said in their application is true.

For example, if they say that they've worked as a VA for ten years and have raving clients, is that reflected in their site? Do they have a testimonials page? Does their site tell you right away if they are an experienced VA?

Checking these things before going into an interview will help you be more prepared to ask questions that will give you real answers.


How can you avoid these mistakes?


Start setting up and documenting systems in your business now.

Actually take the time to write out a job posting.

Research the people who respond to your job posting.

Just by doing these three things, you're going to be ahead of the game when you do hire your own VA. And trust me, it's going to make your life (& your VA's life!) a whole heck of a lot easier!


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