10 Ways to Surprise + Delight Your Clients

When you’re working with clients, I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s important to under promise and over deliver. Which is very true! But today I want to talk about another strategy to ensure that your client has an amazing experience - and that’s surprising and delighting your client throughout the process.

The idea behind a surprise + delight strategy is that you are adding touches to their experience that they weren’t expecting at all. This makes them even more happy that they chose you to work with, and will improve their overall experience with you.

Here are 10 easy surprise + delight strategies that you can incorporate into your client workflow:

Send a small gift through the mail using Greetabl

I love using Greetabl to send small gifts to new clients when they’ve signed the contract! Greetabl lets you pick a gift that is personalized to your client’s interests, and is something really fun for them to get in the mail after signing with you.

For example, I signed a client recently for systems work and I sent her a face mask through Greetabl and when we had our first call she told me that she had already used it twice and loved it! That allowed me to surprise + delight my client before we even got any work done, which started our working relationship off on a really positive note.

Use Postable to send birthday cards via snail mail

If you’re like me, you’re diligent about putting client birthdays into your calendar, but then you get behind on actually sending a card out when their birthday comes around. That’s why I love using a service like Postable to automate the card sending process.

When a client’s birthday is coming up, I get an email from Postable that reminds me and I can go in and write a really heartfelt message, choose a card, and schedule it to arrive on their actual birthday.

This is just a really nice extra touch that shows your clients that you care about them as people, not just as funding your bank account.

Throw in an extra service for no charge

This is really common advice, and for a good reason! Sometimes your client will want something that is technically outside the scope of what you’re doing, but it’s still within your realm of expertise.

If this happens, or if you see something that could be done easily and quickly, it’s generally a good rule of thumb to do these extra services without charging your clients. This way you’re showing them that you’re happy to go above and beyond, and they don’t feel like you’re nickel and diming them for every little thing.

Connect your client to potential clients / customers

Do you have clients that offer services of their own? If you do, something that can be so unexpected but so rewarding is to send potential clients in your network their way.

For example, if you have a client who is a business strategist and one of your business friends is looking for help in that area, you can send a quick email introducing the two and connecting them.

This shows that you’re interested in seeing your client succeed, and that you care about them outside of just them paying you for what you’re doing.

It can also be a good way for clients to refer people to you as well! Don’t do this just to get referrals out of it, but sometimes when you give to other people they’ll pour back into you.

Use your social media to share exciting projects your clients are working on

Is your client launching something? Share about it on your own social media channels! This connects your audience to your clients, and shows your support for your clients’ business. 

It can also be a really fun way to connect more with your client’s audience, especially if you are working with your client in a deeper capacity. Most clients don’t expect people working with them to share their work, so it can make their day when you do!

Learn about your client’s interests + life outside of business

Do your clients love paddle boarding? Are they avid readers? Do they go to the movies every weekend?

Learning what your clients do outside of business can help create a deeper relationship with them, and help you pick out those perfect extra gifts or touches to send through. 
For example, whenever I work with a new client I send them a short questionnaire that asks what their hobbies are, how they like to treat themselves, etc. This gives me a really good jumping off point for conversations outside of just work, and helps us feel closer to each other.

Set up coffee chats with other people your client works with to create deeper relationships

If you work with clients who have team members, it can be a really fun thing to connect with the team members and get to know them. Similar to getting to know your clients outside of work, developing relationships (and friendships) with the team members can lead to better collaborations, and a bigger sense of camaraderie.

This can also be really fun to do if you have a few clients that have the same team members working with them, since you’re spending more time working with those other team members. 

Donate part of your income to a cause your client cares about in their name

If you have a philanthropic side to your business, or you want to implement one, something that you could do is ask your client what causes they care about and then donate a portion of what your client pays you to that cause and make the donation in their name.

This really shows your client that you’re committed to giving back, and that you are happy to donate and support the causes that your client is supportive of.

Print out any deliverables and have them sent to your client 

If you do any kind of work where you can print out a really high quality version of a digital deliverable and send it to your client, I recommend you do! This can be something that your client never expected, and make them feel so happy that they worked with you.

It’s also a very special experience for your client to be able to physically hold something that you created for them. You can go crazy with on-brand tissue paper, custom gift boxes and mailing labels. 

Consistently ask if there is anything more you can do for them

Sometimes your clients will have things they’d love for you to do, but they aren’t sure if that thing is inside the scope of service or your realm of expertise. By consistently checking in and seeing if there is anything else you can do for them, your client will feel like they can ask more questions and that you truly want them to be taken care of.
This also goes with doing extra services for no charge - if something will take you less than 15-20 minutes, and you know how to do it, you can truly surprise and delight your client by asking them what else they need and then turning around and doing that thing for them without any extra cost to them.

How do you like to surprise + delight your clients? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!