What It Looks Like When You're Trying to Do It All

I've been writing an eBook that's all about finding + hiring your first virtual assistant, because I've found that it's a very hard area to get information about (without feeling like every single site you find is trying to sell to you and get your money). The image above is an excerpt from the first chapter btw!!

Because when you're venturing into the world of small businesses and online entrepreneurship, it can feel like everyone else already has it all figured out. That somehow they've magically found that ability to do a hundred thousand things at once, to be on all the social media sites and posting every day and sending out newsletters every week while working with clients and writing guest posts. 

And yes, some people do it 100% on their own. I am , right now! But trying to do it all at a hundred miles per hour 365 days a week 24/7 is not sustainable for your business or for your well-being. 

If you've been trying to do it all and you know how it feels to be burnt out and frazzled, this eBook is for you. It will answer your questions, quell your fears, and give you bite-sized, actionable steps that will help you find, hire, and work with your very own kickass VA. 

Want the first chapter free?! Pop your name + favorite email into the box below to get it within the hour.  

P.S. -- Want to get this eBook for free? Click here to find out how.

The Course That Changed My Blog + Biz Life

Last summer I signed up for an online course that would change my life forever. And I want to share it with you.

I first came across Rachel's Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted soon after I'd come home from studying abroad in France and instantly knew that no matter what, I had to enroll. I'd been blogging here at Spikes and Stardust for awhile, but I was feeling uninspired and full of resistance. I felt like I'd plateaued and I didn't know how to get my groove back.

As soon as I began Module One for Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted, I felt re-inspired and full of energy and life. There are modules on everything, and it was the information about making money (by far one of the modules I've revisited over the year!) that helped me feel confident when I started my own business last year. Every module is jam-packed with information, and all of it is timeless and relevant, no matter what stage you are in your blogging journey. 

So what do you gain from Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted? A tribe of over 700 (!!!!) kickass amazing soulful women to connect with and share with in the Facebook group. Unlimited support and love from every corner of the globe. A literal gold-mine of information about blogging + running a heart-centered biz. 

If there's one thing I know, it's that if you have the pull to go through this course? You should do it. It will change your life, sweet pea. So take a deep breath and know that you are worth this. You'll be so glad you did when the course ends.

What do you get when you sign up for Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted?

  • The course runs for 8 weeks, with 6 weeks of content and 2 "inspired action" weeks. Those two are when you have the chance to implement everything you've been learning so far!
  • Access to exclusive scripts, templates, & worksheets to help you propel your blog + biz into the next level
  • Audio + video screencasts
  • Access to a positively magical + supportive Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to all of the course materials -- if you sign up for Round 3, you'll have access to every round afterwards as well, plus to all of the changes and new bonuses made available to BEBH members!

This isn't a course just about blogging. There's a wealth of information that's about marketing, making money, creating amazing products, and a TON of life stuff. You'll work through blocks and fears and learn how to stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

BEBH has had such a positive impact on my life, has helped me grow my blog + launch my own business (!!), which is why I am a proud affiliate. I want to help you achieve the same amazing, positive, life-changing moments that I had with the course!! 

If you sign up through 
my affiliate link, you'll get the course as well as these exclusive bonuses from me:

  • A copy of my eBook "Your Ultimate VA Crash Course" for free ($10 value)
  • 50% off of ANY of my virtual assistance packages -- this is perfect if you haven't started a blog yet and you want to get one up and running or if you need a refresh after going through the course (My premium package is $499/mo -- you would only pay $249.5/mo!)
  • 5 free hours of virtual assistance to help you implement everything you've learned from the course

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

If you're like most solopreneurs or bloggers, you probably think that you have to go it alone. Hence the "solo" in solopreneur. Even if you haven't taken a vacation in months, you always feel behind in your work, and you can't remember the last time you slept a full night. And while yes, most entrepreneurs begin by bootstrapping everything, DIY-ing and taking every. single. thing. on their own shoulders, the thing is? 

You don't have to.

You may think that hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is only for those insanely successful bloggers or business people. You may think that paying someone to do what you are perfectly capable of doing is a ridiculous idea. You may think that you can't afford to pay someone to do the boring admin things that are eating up your energy, time, and precious resources.

But I promise you that all of those things are false. As a VA I have seen first-hand how much it means to my clients to have someone to do the small things that are important for their biz or blog but that have been a huuuuuge time-suck. They have more time opened up for what they really want to do. For the bigger picture, to truly create and innovate. Not get bogged down in the everyday mundane tasks that make your eyes glaze over on a good day. 

Because when you are able to hand off the things that have been eating up your time? It's like you're a whole new entrepreneur. Your shoulders won't live up by your ears. You won't worry about if you remembered to do every single little thing on your to-do list. You can go to bed knowing that your biz will be taken care of. And all of those feelings? Those are why you need to hire a VA of your own. Not because you can't afford to hire a VA, but because you can't afford not to. A VA is an investment in your biz and in yourself.

The money you pay to your VA will come back to you in the form of new clients, in more energy, in being excited about your work again. 

And wouldn't you rather feel supported in your biz instead of panicked and struggling? Wouldn't you rather know that you have someone who is 150% invested in helping your biz to be the best it can be, in helping you be the best you can be? 

But don't just take it from me! Here are some words from some lovely ladies on why you need a VA in your life:

"If you're anything like me, a solo business lady wearing a million hats, the thought of handing over the reigns feels impossible. After all, YOU are the cornerstone of your entire empire! That hesitation is completely understandable. However, the feeling of overwhelming responsibility and the weight of daily to-dos can hinder your ability to act as a CEO, and plan for the longer term growth of your business. You could be missing out on opportunities and revenue simply because you can't possibly take on one.more.task!" Alana Wimmer
"It is totally unsustainable for you to be the only person who is hands-on with your business. At some point, you'll want consistent help. This can feel like a scary financial leap, but you can start with a little help and see how that goes. What if you paid for 10hrs/month to have someone else format your blog posts or send your invoices or help you with social media? Even taking small tasks off your plate frees you up to do the fun stuff, and the stuff that actually makes money." Laura Simms
"[A VA is] An asset that can elevate your business, streamline it, point out the weak spots, help you grow, the ones who are branching out into consulting or management can even make your business more profitable, but despite all these wonderful benefits to your business, they do what not many other people can - they give you the gift of time, more time so you can pursue your own various human being activities that make your life worthwhile, like spending more time with your family or pursuing a hobby or interest." Michelle Dale

Do you know someone who could benefit from finding out why they need a VA in their life? Send this piece to them!

P.S. -- Interested in hiring your own VA but don't want to dive in fully? I've created a few one-off services for you to be able to get your toes wet and see how having a VA can truly change your biz.

My Business Planning Accomplice for 2015

I was on the bus to my retail job at the mall, with my knees pulled into my chest and my planner precariously balanced atop my kneecaps when I penned the question "How can I grow my freelance business while in school + working p/t in a sustainable way?"

I thought it was kind of a ludicrous question. How could I be sustainable when I filled my plate with three different, could-easily-be-full-time-on-their-own commitments? A full course load at my university, spending my weekends in the mall, and all of the spare hours working on my client work?

It seemed too good to be true, then, when I first caught wind of Cornerstone, a year-long program filled with ease, flexibility, monthly coaching calls, and packs to go through that will help me create a sustainable business in 2015. I first felt the pull when I read this sentence:

"Cornerstone will set you up for success in a flexible, ease-filled way. This is not an intense plan-a-rama; this is a calm, focused, purpose-centered way to create what you most want for your business."

It was the perfect answer to the question I had asked the Universe on the bus, the one jotted down in shaky handwriting on hot pink paper. 

But I hemmed and I hawed and I looked at how much it cost ($99 when I registered, but now it is $149). I thought about the other programs I'd enrolled in, or were a part of, and what I was getting out of those. (I'm getting so much out of everything I've invested in for 2015, by the way). I kept circling back to Cornerstone, though. 

So I signed up. 

And as I said on Instagram a week ago, I can safely say that these packs are deceptively simple yet revolutionary. And yes, I do mean revolutionary. 

Because I believe in the power of this program so much, I've become an affiliate. So I can share this treasure chest of inspiration, knowledge, and accountability with you. It would mean the world to me if you could use this affiliate link if you feel called to investigate Cornerstone further.

Bonjour, 2015


Yesterday I talked about what happened in 2014, and today I'm talking about my goals, hopes, and dreams for 2015. Part of this is to also keep myself accountable, because there's something that happens when people outside of my journal know what I'm trying to achieve. :)

To get all of my planning in order, I've been using a few different things. First, I went through The Desire Map(aff.) and identified my Core Desired Feelings, which are: abundant, sacred, vibrant, empowered, and ease. Then, I spent about a week going through Leonie Dawson's 2015 Biz & Life Workbook (aff.) to help me get clear on how to bring my CDFs into my life and my budding business. Finally, I've been working through the planning packs in Cornerstone (aff.) to help me take the goals I identified from the workbook and really break them down and help me plan out 2015 with ease. I'm also taking part in 100 Rejection Letters, which I'm using as a way to help me set my goals -- where do I want to be published? Who do I want to collaborate with? What do I want to ask for, whether I feel like I deserve to ask or not?

I've also picked a word of the year. This is my first time doing so (as it is doing so much of these planning activities), and the word I have chosen is abundant. I want to create an abundant life -- think joy, kindness, adventure, wealth, love, and happiness. I'm done with living a life that is pretty good or okay, or is lackluster. I'm ready for a full, abundant life.

So, the goals I have? They look a little something like this:

  • I'm going to start incorporating generosity + philanthropy into my business, so for every dollar I earn in 2015 I will be donating five cents to a different charity each month.
  • I'm going to write at least two pages (either on my computer or in my journal) every day. I want to get in a habit of writing, not just when I have inspiration or a spare moment or when I need to crank an essay out for school.
  • I'm going to be more fiscally responsible. This means being on top of + aware of my finances, being dedicated about saving money from every paycheck, paying off my credit card balance, and not thinking that hiding from the numbers will do me any good.
  • I'm going to move at least five minutes per day. I want to be comfortable in my own body again, and after falling into a trap of sedentary months during the fall semester, I'm ready to truly make a change.