A Season of Change

If you live in the world today, you know that there is a myth of business, of consumption, of more, more, more. National holidays are turned into shopping marathons, water cooler talks are for commiserating about how tired you are, how much money you’re spending that you don’t have, and you’re wondering when you last slept a full night.

But imagine this: you get 8-10 hours of sleep per night. Your bank account is more full than it’s been in months. You’re getting everything done that you need to. Holidays are actually spent making memories with the people important to you. Your business isn’t running you. You’re running your business.

I’ve been dreaming about this imagined world a lot lately, because, like most of you, I’ve been really freaking busy lately. Things keep falling to the wayside. I keep apologizing and making promises to myself that seem to never be kept. It’s an old story, a familiar pattern, and I’m ready to break out of it. And I want to help you break out of your patterns too.

Because life is more than this: more than sleepless nights, endless to-do lists, and nightly interactions with that amazing take-out place down the street. At the end of the day, would you rather not be dying? Or would you rather be living?

I want to live a full life. I want to help as many people with their businesses as possible. I want to travel the world (again) and immerse myself in as many cultures as I can. I want to be the embodiment of my core desired feelings. I want to stop feeling paralyzed from the shoulds in my life and start feeling energized by the wants that are living in my brain, in my journal, on my vision boards.

And that is part of why things are shifting around here. If you’ve noticed an absence of posting, it’s because I’m working overtime to get everything ready. Think: new columns, new logo, new domain (!!!), new ways for us to work together. Because if the first half of 2015 has taught me anything, it’s that adapting is the way to survive. And everything inside of me has been telling me to change the way I do things. So I’m heeding the calls.

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Are you going through a period of change too? Let me know what’s happening in the comments!


Why "Should" is a Dangerous Word to Have in Your Vocabulary

You feel like you should be doing more: more exercise, more blogging, more schoolwork, more painting, more poetry, more shopping, more shifts at work, more cooking, more adventuring in your city, more spontaneity, more routine.

I call this mode of thinking the Should Monster. And once the Should Monster gets inside of your head, it can be pretty damn hard to get it out.

You can live with the Should Monster for days, weeks, even years and decades, without realizing it. Because school teaches you how you should behave and your parents tell you that you should get a job and go to college and college teaches you that you should suffer for four plus years to get a degree, and who cares if you even like what you're studying? Employers say you should have experience before applying, who cares if you're applying for your first job. Companies tell you that you should spend your money on their products and objects.

So how can you get the Should Monster out of your head? By learning when it's popping up. The first step to changing your patterns of thought and behavior is being able to observe them and know when they're present. Then, every single time you feel the Should Monster talking to you instead of you talking to you, you have to make the conscious choice to say "I hear you, Should Monster. But I'm going to do something else."

It can be tricky because it requires a lot of effort on your part at first. But like any habit, the more you say no to the Should Monster and start reclaiming your life for you, it'll get easier and easier until the Should Monster is a distant memory. Because the Should Monster feeds off of your fears and what other people have told you you should do with your life/money/free time etc.

It's time to do what you WANT to do, not what you think you should do. 

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This is Your Time

If you've been feeling weirdness and change and upheaval in your life lately, you're not alone. The planets have been causing extra weirdness in everyone's life. But all of that weirdness can start to go away after the new moon comes. 

There's an insanely potent energy that comes with a new moon. I don't know if you've ever noticed it before. I know in my life, I always feel hella inspired and motivated and get in a "let's get all of this done!!!" mood when a new moon comes around. This is also a magical time for manifestation and setting your intention for the next moon cycle.

And because of all of this super good energy, I know that it's your time. There's a thing that you want to do but you haven't, for whatever reason. Maybe you haven't gathered the courage up yet. Maybe you think it's too frivolous and doesn't fit in with Serious Stuff you've been doing. Maybe you think you don't have enough time to really dedicate to that thing. 

The next step? Making the time for that thing. Because whatever it is, it's something that you've been wanting to do for a reason. So stop trying to talk yourself out of it, okay? Use this supercharged time to really sit down and figure out what it would take to do the thing. Make a plan with actionable steps you can take every day. It can be as simple as "set my alarm for 5 minutes earlier tomorrow" -- not everything has to be a grand gesture. Build your steps to do the thing and before you know it, it'll happen. And I'm willing to bet that it will feel pretty freaking amazing when you do the thing!

I'm going to be doing this with you! My thing right now is finishing getting unpacked from moving back home. So I'm going to make a list of small things I can do to get that accomplished. Because if there's one thing I've realized as the new moon is coming into position? It's that having a bunch of clutter everywhere clutters up my energy and makes it harder to connect with my intuition. Another thing I've been putting off doing is making an editorial calendar for the summer. So I'm going to assign myself one task every day that will help me do that.

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Remember to Slow Down Once in A While

Remember to slow down once in awhile.png

I feel like I've been through three weeks in less than two. I finished my junior year of college last week (YAY!), spent all of Thursday moving from my on-campus apartment back to my parent's house, and sprained my ankle on Wednesday afternoon. All while trying to also write an eBook (more on that later!), start getting prepared for my summer classes in July, and get a decent amount of sleep.

But if there's one thing I've learned from spraining my ankle, it's that sometimes trying to do it all? It doesn't work. That we all need to slow down sometimes and just be in the moment. Because it can be kind of hard to go a million miles an hour when you've been forced to walk slower with an ankle boot.

So as semesters finish up, if you're in school, and the weather changes to something warmer and invites a slower way to move through your days, I want you to try and stop multi-tasking. Stop going a million miles an hour and enjoy where you are. Be where you are. Everything on your to-do list will still be there, I promise.

Slow down.

Enjoy life.

Because you only get one shot at it. Would you rather rush through without noticing anything? Or move a little slower and be able to appreciate every amazing thing that's in your life in this very moment?

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Why it's okay to fall off the wagon sometimes

So, as you may have noticed, it's been a good few weeks since I posted here. And I sent the email newsletter late (after not sending it at all). (#oops #thingsfellthroughthecracks)

You might be wondering what happened that threw me off. Or you may not be! I have no idea. But I've been thinking a lot about it, especially because I feel a guilt deep in my gut: "I promised all of these amazing people that signed up for my newsletter list I would email them every! week! and I haven't! I know people show up every day to check out what's new on the blog and I! have! nothing! This is terrible."

But the more I've been thinking about it, the more I'm able to forgive myself for it. Because it's the pairing of hell week + finals week in college right now, which means basically I've replaced every fluid with coffee, hardly any sleeping, spending 15 hours over two days trying to work with my school's copy center to format my chapbook for poetry writing, writing papers, studying for tests, and trying to get my apartment ready to move next week. Plus, still working both of my jobs, going to see Age of Ultron with my dad, and writing a bunch of blog posts for May in bulk so I'm ahead of the game, dealing with new health issues and doctor appointments. So to say that things have been crazy is an understatement. 

This is what I want to make clear: everything I described above is not an excuse for not sending the newsletter on time (or at all, in last week's case). But I have to acknowledge that I fell off the blog + newsletter wagon because my plate has been overflowing. Do I have ideas now on how to avoid falling off the wagon again? You bet I do! 

So if you've had a fuller-than-usual plate, and you've let things slip through the cracks, I want you to remember that you're only human. Forgive yourself and move forward. Don't dwell on what you haven't been able to do, just note that it happened and figure out how to make that an advantage moving forward.

Because if we're being honest? You've totally got this. I know you do.

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