Weekly Elements #7

DSCN2294 The first week of being 22 has been somewhere between crazy and amazing -- school is insane with time commitments and how many papers I have to write already, things for Spikes and Stardust are falling into place, and I can't wait to see what happens this year. I've been wearing these Kate Spade loafers almost exclusively since finding them on my birthday when shopping with my mom (she bought herself a matching pair!)


Speaking of birthday items, these are some of the things gifted to me on Sunday that I LOVE!! My parents got me these Rabbit rubber stoppers for wine and the gorgeous Kate Spade drop earrings. My aunt and uncle gave me my first Kendra Scott earrings, which are beautiful (and reversible!) DSCN2295Last night I ended up being able to attend DIFFA's Urban Picnic by Design, where my mom had designed a breath-taking table. Part of the evening was a raffle and I ended up winning my second Kendra Scott piece -- this beautiful necklace.


Weekly Elements #6

DSCN2235 With all of the craziness of school, this planner has been an absolute lifesaver while fueling my love affair with Kate Spade.DSCN2237Sometimes quiet moments are all that's needed to restore the balance in the chaos. The vase is one that I made over the summer, the flowers ones that my mom bought for my roommate and I to brighten up our new living space, and this little table scape currently lives on our dining room table.