An Inside Look at My First Two Twitter Chat Experiences

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Last week I did something SUPER fun and totally game-changing for my blog + business: I joined two Twitter chats! Specifically, I participated in #nectarchat (where we talked about using social media like a boss) and #ellechat (where it was all about creating catchy headlines). Those two hours were an absolute whirlwind of answering the questions, connecting with other business owners + bloggers, and trying to keep up with everyone!

PSST: I created an exclusive PDF that rounds up all of the resources mentioned in both chats! Download it at the end of this post.

I've been reading for what feels like months about how amazing and great Twitter chats are for expanding your knowledge base, connecting with new people, and growing your blog and/or business. But I've been either too busy, uninformed, or scared of actually participating in a chat. What if I didn't follow the proper etiquette? What if I used the wrong hashtag? What if nobody replied to my comments? I realize now that those fears were just excuses. Because I had a feeling that participating in the Twitter chat movement (as I'm calling it) could start really changing things for me, but that potential was so full of paralyzing fear that I listened to more than anything else.

I will say that #nectarchat was a bit overwhelming -- I was using Tweetdeck to keep track of all the tweets, the replies, the tag, etc. and was trying to keep up with how quickly my feed was moving, both with answering questions and having side conversations with other people in the chat. I was more prepared when I went into #ellechat because I'd already made it through a whole hour-long Twitter chat.

But honestly? Those were two of my favorite hours from all of last week. Because there's something about a Twitter chat that just immediately creates a little community where everyone is welcomed. Side conversations are formed, resources are exchanged, questions are asked, etc. Everyone is sharing what they can and nobody is holding anything back. It's an almost unparalleled social media experience, because it's such an intense, focused hour where everyone is supporting everyone else. Twitter chats are really just something special. If you're looking for new ways to connect with people in your niche/industry, learn + evolve as a business owner and/or blogger, or you just want to see what the fuss is about, I highly recommend joining a Twitter chat. Even if you can't stay the whole hour, you're bound to get a virtual goldmine of information and value!

What are some of my top takeaways from these two chats (that can help you too)?

  • That being consistent + valuable on social media is literally GOLD
  • Batching creation + scheduling of social media updates for an extended period of time (two weeks or one month) actually allows for more opportunities for engagement and connection
  • Headlines shouldn't be an afterthought -- they should help guide + direct + focus your post
  • Think about your headlines as a promise to your reader (are you actually writing about what your post title says you're writing about?)

Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat? Tell me about your experiences below!! :)