This is Your Time

If you've been feeling weirdness and change and upheaval in your life lately, you're not alone. The planets have been causing extra weirdness in everyone's life. But all of that weirdness can start to go away after the new moon comes. 

There's an insanely potent energy that comes with a new moon. I don't know if you've ever noticed it before. I know in my life, I always feel hella inspired and motivated and get in a "let's get all of this done!!!" mood when a new moon comes around. This is also a magical time for manifestation and setting your intention for the next moon cycle.

And because of all of this super good energy, I know that it's your time. There's a thing that you want to do but you haven't, for whatever reason. Maybe you haven't gathered the courage up yet. Maybe you think it's too frivolous and doesn't fit in with Serious Stuff you've been doing. Maybe you think you don't have enough time to really dedicate to that thing. 

The next step? Making the time for that thing. Because whatever it is, it's something that you've been wanting to do for a reason. So stop trying to talk yourself out of it, okay? Use this supercharged time to really sit down and figure out what it would take to do the thing. Make a plan with actionable steps you can take every day. It can be as simple as "set my alarm for 5 minutes earlier tomorrow" -- not everything has to be a grand gesture. Build your steps to do the thing and before you know it, it'll happen. And I'm willing to bet that it will feel pretty freaking amazing when you do the thing!

I'm going to be doing this with you! My thing right now is finishing getting unpacked from moving back home. So I'm going to make a list of small things I can do to get that accomplished. Because if there's one thing I've realized as the new moon is coming into position? It's that having a bunch of clutter everywhere clutters up my energy and makes it harder to connect with my intuition. Another thing I've been putting off doing is making an editorial calendar for the summer. So I'm going to assign myself one task every day that will help me do that.

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