What It Looks Like When You're Trying to Do It All

I've been writing an eBook that's all about finding + hiring your first virtual assistant, because I've found that it's a very hard area to get information about (without feeling like every single site you find is trying to sell to you and get your money). The image above is an excerpt from the first chapter btw!!

Because when you're venturing into the world of small businesses and online entrepreneurship, it can feel like everyone else already has it all figured out. That somehow they've magically found that ability to do a hundred thousand things at once, to be on all the social media sites and posting every day and sending out newsletters every week while working with clients and writing guest posts. 

And yes, some people do it 100% on their own. I am , right now! But trying to do it all at a hundred miles per hour 365 days a week 24/7 is not sustainable for your business or for your well-being. 

If you've been trying to do it all and you know how it feels to be burnt out and frazzled, this eBook is for you. It will answer your questions, quell your fears, and give you bite-sized, actionable steps that will help you find, hire, and work with your very own kickass VA. 

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