Remember to Slow Down Once in A While

Remember to slow down once in awhile.png

I feel like I've been through three weeks in less than two. I finished my junior year of college last week (YAY!), spent all of Thursday moving from my on-campus apartment back to my parent's house, and sprained my ankle on Wednesday afternoon. All while trying to also write an eBook (more on that later!), start getting prepared for my summer classes in July, and get a decent amount of sleep.

But if there's one thing I've learned from spraining my ankle, it's that sometimes trying to do it all? It doesn't work. That we all need to slow down sometimes and just be in the moment. Because it can be kind of hard to go a million miles an hour when you've been forced to walk slower with an ankle boot.

So as semesters finish up, if you're in school, and the weather changes to something warmer and invites a slower way to move through your days, I want you to try and stop multi-tasking. Stop going a million miles an hour and enjoy where you are. Be where you are. Everything on your to-do list will still be there, I promise.

Slow down.

Enjoy life.

Because you only get one shot at it. Would you rather rush through without noticing anything? Or move a little slower and be able to appreciate every amazing thing that's in your life in this very moment?

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