When the doubts come creeping in

When doubts start creeping in, it can be scary.

Beyond scary. They can rock you to your core, make you question everything in your mind. We all deal with doubts everyday -- will this outfit look good? Does my dinner taste okay or are they just lying to me? Do I actually have enough time to do everything?

What about the bigger doubts, though? Because something life-changing, whether it’s switching from whole milk to 2% or deciding to quit your job and go back to school, invites a much louder, larger, scarier school of doubts. The life-changing thing can seem great in theory, months before you decide to actually do it. But then you decide to do it, and suddenly all of your conviction is nowhere to be found. You feel lost, like someone changed all of the road signs without telling you and everyone else knew it. Suddenly you’re not only doubting that life-changing thing, but you’re doubting everything else too. You’re overwhelmed with doubts, and it can feel easier, even safer, to just decide to put off the life-changing thing. To stay within your comfort zone, your little area of well-known territory. And the doubts go away.

My challenge to you is to say “so what?” to those doubts surrounding your life-changing thing.

It could end up being a mistake -- so what? You’ll have lived and learned and pushed yourself. It could end up being amazing -- so what? You’re not doing this for the acclaim, you’re doing it because of a bone-deep need. It could end up changing your life -- so what? Lives change all the time, for all sorts of reasons. It could cause you to lose friends -- so what? Isn’t it better to know now who your true friends, your true soul circle is? It could cost too much money -- so what? You’re already paying an emotional/spiritual/physical cost for not doing the thing. Wouldn’t you rather pay a cost that you know will alleviate your soul’s cries? 

It isn’t easy to say “so what” to doubts or fears when they creep up. Believe me, I know. But the more you’re able to truly make the choice of acknowledging your fears and then doing that thing anyways? That’s what makes you sensational.

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