Around Austin: #NMMakeSomeNoise

Last Friday, my parents and I decided to venture out into the madness of SXSW downtown for some adventuring.

Our first stop in the morning was the flatstock and music gear expo in the Convention Center, which was pretty cool! There are so, so many talented artists and getting to see different takes on the same band tours was really exciting. After that we stopped at the food trailer lot for lunch (I had some Chi'Lantro kimchi fries, of course!) before my mom and I headed to the Neiman Marcus Make Some Noise event!

Make Some Noise was a two-day event that consisted of panels + musical guests, although my mom and I only went to a couple of the panels on Friday. It was held at a house on Rainey Street, which was pretty fun! The only not as fun part was when it started raining about halfway through. And not drizzly rain, this was full-on proper rain. 

The whole event was about making noise, about not just sitting by and letting your life happen to you, but taking life by the reigns and taking control. Because you can either be quiet and sit in the passenger seat, or you can move over to the driver's seat, make some noise and live a more you-filled, exciting life that constantly amazes you and supports what your dreams and ambitions are.

The first panel that we saw was with Laura Dern, who I didn't realize was in Blue Velvet until I actually saw her. (Then I was way more excited!) I absolutely loved how open and authentic Laura was, and it was so interesting to hear her talk about raising her children, the work she's done over her career and with David Lynch, and on how the film industry is evolving and where it should go in the future.

The second panel was with Katie Lee, Lizzy Plapinger, and Rebecca Minkoff, where they talked about how they got started in their careers, what they wanted to be when they were little, the importance of having a good team behind you, and on sticking to your guns. There was one question that Audrey Gelman, the moderator for both panels, asked these ladies that has stayed with me over the weekend: What is one instance where someone (yourself or an outside party) has asked you, "who do you think you are?". Lizzy's answer in particular struck me, when she talked about going to board meetings with major music labels with her partner/co-founder of Neon Gold Records and not being looked at in the eye by any of the other label execs because they would only look at and talk to her partner, who happens to be a man. And that they decided not to work with those music labels if they wouldn't acknowledge her and her partner as equals in Neon Gold. 

One thing that I took away from #NMMakeSomeNoise was that we all, women and men alike, have a source of incredible inner strength inside of us, whether we are aware of it or not. And that it is our right, and almost a responsibility, to live loudly. To make some noise, to stand up for yourself and put yourself first. Because living quietly, letting everyone else take and decide what your path will be? That's not living in a vibrant, authentic way. It can be scary to make that noise, to break out of your shell, but ultimately it will be so worth it.

The other part of the #NMMakeSomeNoise event was the super-rad house that Neiman Marcus put together! It was a fusion of art + fashion, with a different theme to every room. Some were centered around music, there were Kevin Aucoin make-up artists set up in a couple of the rooms for makeovers, a photobooth room (!!) where you got to blow glitter at the camera. I loved how colorful + vibrant the house was, and how much it celebrated making noise -- whether that is with you outfit, your makeup, or your personality.