Stardust Book Club | March Selection

I hope you've had a wonderful month, darling heart! I can't believe that it's already MARCH!! My first post that will break my blogging sabbatical is the March pick for the #stardustbookclub -- a nonfiction book! I'm going to be reading Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking by Anya von Bremzen (c/o Blogging for Books) and am inviting you to read along with me. 

I first got really interested in Russian culture when I read Deathless a couple years ago. The rich tapestry of culture, of superstition, and of tradition truly captured my curiosity. My next sort-of brush with Russian culture was with The Avengers and Captain America: the Winter Soldier. With Natasha being Russian born and raised, and Bucky being used by the Russians, it called on that curiosity that had been slowly forming since I encountered Deathless

I'm incredibly excited to delve into this book, and I do hope that you join me! 

P.S. -- The discussion for last month's pick (Gone Girl) will happen early next week, so keep your eyes out for that!