Stardust Book Club | Gone Girl Discussion

What did y'all think of Gone Girl?!

It's a week after when I said I'd post this discussion (#oops) but I'm still getting back into that blogging groove after my hiatus last month. So! Without further ado! My thoughts on last month's Stardust Book Club pick.

I saw the movie version of Gone Girl over winter break, and fell in love:

I was so taken with Amy, especially being an English Literature major at my college, and loved the idea of exploring a psychopathic woman. Of course, my enchantment with the movie made me itch to read the book that preceded it, which is how it ended up as my first fiction pick for the Stardust Book Club.

I absolutely loved the book (which is a surprise to who?). It gets so much deeper into the Nick and Amy story, and you get a more complete look into their psyches, into how their relationship has developed into the catalyst that causes Amy to fake her own murder. The chapters in the book alternate between Amy's perspective and Nick's perspective, which makes it incredibly tension-filled because you get to experience two different accounts of the same events. I loved how Gillian Flynn brings you totally into the world of Nick and Amy, and how you can sympathize with both characters. I also have to say that I liked the ending of the book more than the ending of the movie. The book's ending felt more satisfying to me as a reader, where the movie's ending left me feeling like it was a bit unresolved and rushed. 

Did you read Gone Girl last month? What'd you think? Be sure to let me know on Twitter (@sunshynedarling) with the hashtag #stardustbookclub!

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