My Business Planning Accomplice for 2015

I was on the bus to my retail job at the mall, with my knees pulled into my chest and my planner precariously balanced atop my kneecaps when I penned the question "How can I grow my freelance business while in school + working p/t in a sustainable way?"

I thought it was kind of a ludicrous question. How could I be sustainable when I filled my plate with three different, could-easily-be-full-time-on-their-own commitments? A full course load at my university, spending my weekends in the mall, and all of the spare hours working on my client work?

It seemed too good to be true, then, when I first caught wind of Cornerstone, a year-long program filled with ease, flexibility, monthly coaching calls, and packs to go through that will help me create a sustainable business in 2015. I first felt the pull when I read this sentence:

"Cornerstone will set you up for success in a flexible, ease-filled way. This is not an intense plan-a-rama; this is a calm, focused, purpose-centered way to create what you most want for your business."

It was the perfect answer to the question I had asked the Universe on the bus, the one jotted down in shaky handwriting on hot pink paper. 

But I hemmed and I hawed and I looked at how much it cost ($99 when I registered, but now it is $149). I thought about the other programs I'd enrolled in, or were a part of, and what I was getting out of those. (I'm getting so much out of everything I've invested in for 2015, by the way). I kept circling back to Cornerstone, though. 

So I signed up. 

And as I said on Instagram a week ago, I can safely say that these packs are deceptively simple yet revolutionary. And yes, I do mean revolutionary. 

Because I believe in the power of this program so much, I've become an affiliate. So I can share this treasure chest of inspiration, knowledge, and accountability with you. It would mean the world to me if you could use this affiliate link if you feel called to investigate Cornerstone further.