Behind the Spikes and Stardust Redesign

If you've visited S&S over the weekend, or check out Sarah's guest post yesterday, you may have noticed that the site is entirely different. New logo, new layout, and, oh yeah, not on Wordpress anymore! 

As I've grown my freelancing business over the second half of last year, I knew that I wanted to take this site into a new direction. Yes, I'm still a blogger. But I want the focus to be on helping people. Because, you know, that's kind of what I do. Virtual assistant of sorts, but I really prefer thinking of myself as a virtual superheroine for my amazing clients. ;) (Interested in hiring your own superheroine? Check out the deets right here!) So, obviously, a rebrand was in order.

I wanted a new logo, one that felt more like me. More like what I'm trying to build. (& yes, I did design that bad boy myself!) I used the Langdon font + a gradient for something beautiful yet minimal. I'm keeping things as minimal as possible while still being full of pink and blue and magic. That's why I only use two fonts in my whole site!! Langdon + Helvetica Neue. I use two accent colors throughout the entire site, and black for everything else.

Part of my inspiration was from my too brief trip to Santorini last year -- the white buildings with pink flowers + blue roofs and doors. There was something so easy about that kind of palette, something so serene that I wanted to do my best to capture here. 

I also moved over to Squarespace!! Part of that was because I was desperately aching for a new site design, but am not yet at a place where I can hire a designer. So Squarespace was the logical choice for having a more professional looking site without a lot of extra cost. There have been some bumps in the road importing my year plus of posts from Wordpress, but I think they are all solved! (Also, major shoutout to the Squarespace support team -- they f*cking RULE and are so, so helpful and nice and fast like holy cow).