Stardust Book Club | January Selection


Every month of 2015, I'll be reading a book. And I'm inviting you to read along with me. There might be Twitter chats at the end of each month to talk about the book. We'll see. I'm currently playing with the idea of switching between reading one nonfiction book and one fiction book, so January would be nonfiction, February would be fiction, etc. Which is part of how I arrived at the decision of what book to read first!

In January 2015, I will be reading The Desire Map. (Again.) Why? Because I believe in the power of the words inside the pages, and want to keep myself accountable for following this wild + crazy path I'm setting myself on. I personally won't be going through the workbook portion next month, but you're more than welcome to! It's such an illuminating experience and I believe everyone should do it at least once.

Now, there are a few ways you can get your hands on The Desire Map:

  • You could get your hands on the physical book (my personal favorite way to read!)
  • You could download the eBook to your preferred device
  • You could purchase the audiobook and listen during your daily commutes

If you feel like sharing the challenge on social media (which I definitely will be!) the hashtag that I've created, just for us, is #stardustbookclub. (Make sure you use it! There might be prizes on the horizon for creative + laugh-out-loud + super ecstatic posts. We'll see.)

All links in this section are affiliate links because I love + believe in Danielle's work tremendously! If you do not want to use my affiliate link, simply go to to check out the Desire Map.

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