Bonjour, 2015


Yesterday I talked about what happened in 2014, and today I'm talking about my goals, hopes, and dreams for 2015. Part of this is to also keep myself accountable, because there's something that happens when people outside of my journal know what I'm trying to achieve. :)

To get all of my planning in order, I've been using a few different things. First, I went through The Desire Map(aff.) and identified my Core Desired Feelings, which are: abundant, sacred, vibrant, empowered, and ease. Then, I spent about a week going through Leonie Dawson's 2015 Biz & Life Workbook (aff.) to help me get clear on how to bring my CDFs into my life and my budding business. Finally, I've been working through the planning packs in Cornerstone (aff.) to help me take the goals I identified from the workbook and really break them down and help me plan out 2015 with ease. I'm also taking part in 100 Rejection Letters, which I'm using as a way to help me set my goals -- where do I want to be published? Who do I want to collaborate with? What do I want to ask for, whether I feel like I deserve to ask or not?

I've also picked a word of the year. This is my first time doing so (as it is doing so much of these planning activities), and the word I have chosen is abundant. I want to create an abundant life -- think joy, kindness, adventure, wealth, love, and happiness. I'm done with living a life that is pretty good or okay, or is lackluster. I'm ready for a full, abundant life.

So, the goals I have? They look a little something like this:

  • I'm going to start incorporating generosity + philanthropy into my business, so for every dollar I earn in 2015 I will be donating five cents to a different charity each month.
  • I'm going to write at least two pages (either on my computer or in my journal) every day. I want to get in a habit of writing, not just when I have inspiration or a spare moment or when I need to crank an essay out for school.
  • I'm going to be more fiscally responsible. This means being on top of + aware of my finances, being dedicated about saving money from every paycheck, paying off my credit card balance, and not thinking that hiding from the numbers will do me any good.
  • I'm going to move at least five minutes per day. I want to be comfortable in my own body again, and after falling into a trap of sedentary months during the fall semester, I'm ready to truly make a change.