Au Revoir, 2014


Tomorrow I'll be sharing my goals + visions for 2015, but today I want to sit in reflection and marvel in how holy-cow-this-stuff-actually-happened-and-I-didn't-just-make-it-up 2014 was for me. I think this is also a very special year because it is the first full one that was documented on this blog, from beginning to end. There's something so special about being able to go back into my archives and reread old posts, to remember exactly where I was in the world, how I was feeling, and what I wanted to communicate with you, my dear reader.

In January I began my journey to a life-changing year when I boarded a plane from Austin that would start me on my journey to Angers, France. I would go on to live in Angers for four and a half amazing, mind-blowing, chilly months as part of a study abroad program with my university. While I was over in France, I also visited Paris over Valentine's Day weekend, went to St. Malo and Mont St. Michel with my study abroad group, traveled to Greece over winter break and visited Athens and Oia, explored Santorini,took a day trip to Nantes, and did a whirlwind spring break where I visited Barcelona, Dublin, and London in about nine days! While in London I met up with my parents where we had a huge reunion in the middle of a street. There were lots and lots of hugs. :) I also got to visit the Harry Potter studio while in London (and delight my inner child who grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione!) With my parents, we went to Paris, traveled to Versailles, and had an amazing, amazing, amazing time exploring + traveling together.

In May, I returned (albeit very unhappily) to America and to Austin. I got to help my mom run Elevate Austin by Design, a conference for interior designers in Texas, go to an art show that centered around Beyonce, worked with Crown and Glory to bring you an entire month of outfits featuring a beautiful flower crown,  saw Welcome to Night Vale live with my dad, celebrated Spikes and Stardusts's first birthday (!!!!!!!!), turned 22, and started getting really vulnerable in this space. I wrote about how I found my inner strength in France, opened up about being human when it comes to getting everything done, and shared some productivity secrets I've picked up over the years. My mom and I attended the Texas Conference for Women, where I got to meet Danielle LaPorte, I put together my first ever blog bundle, worked with Poppin to share how I'm starting to work happy

This year I also, somewhat accidentally, began doing freelance work! I've had a few clients since July this year, and have fallen head-over-heels in love with being a virtual superheroine for amazing online existences. 

2014 has been nothing short of amazing. While yes, there have been low moments that I'm not highlighting here, everything came together to create the most magical year to date. I feel like I'm actually maturing into a Real Adult, I feel like I'm capable of so many things that I never would have dreamed were possible this time last year. 

I also want to thank you, yes you! For being here with me on this incredible journey. I look forward to experiencing an absolutely incredible 2015 with you!