Month of Giveaways: High: A Party Girl's Guide to Peace [CLOSED]

TB_Promo_9 This month I am SO EXCITED to be hosting an entire month of giveaways!!!! Every week you will have a chance to win a love-soaked, beautiful item that will help you fill 2015 with magic + help you create your own myth.

For this week's giveaway, we're getting high! One lucky winner will get an audiobook version of Tara Bliss's AMAZING amazing (like, I devoured it cover-to-cover in less than 48 hours over the Thanksgiving break amazing) book High: A Party Girl's Guide to Peace.

It's part memoir, part workbook, and a whole lot of revelations, vulnerability, truth, and love.


Here's the official description, from Tara's site:

Who am I without this drink in my hand? Who am I beneath this amped-up scene which makes me feel sexy, confident, better? Take away all these late nights, and all this loud music, and… what’s left?

In her debut book, High: A Party Girls’ Guide to Peace, life coach and yoga teacher Tara Bliss reveals the memories of her pained cycle of bingeing and detoxing, and the practices that lifted her up and out; into a life of passion, purpose and peace. High comes to you as your roadmap on how to do the same.

Let this book show you to kick-start an avalanche of self-love, relinquish your FOMO (fear of missing out), transform your relationships, exude sass, confidence and vitality (while sober), and live courageously from the heart.

Your Party Girl identity is holding you back and limiting your brilliance. It’s time to let her go and start living a life of choice, rather than habit. It’s time to release your peace, get high on life and drunk on love.

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