Around Austin : Texas Conference for Women

DSCN2321 As I mentioned in last week's elements post, I attended the Texas Conference for Women last Thursday with my mom. And it was kind of amazing. We spent the entire day there, listened to inspiring + amazing speakers, ate questionable boxed lunches, had soul-deep talks and just enjoyed the time spent with each other and with so many other women.


The one person I was most excited to see was Danielle LaPorte -- the rest of the day, for me, was about being with my mom and seeing what happened. She was speaking during the first Breakaway Session of the day, so beforehand my mom and I stopped in the bookstore so I could buy my very own copy of The Desire Map to have signed by Danielle after her talk. Just being in the same room as Danielle was inspiring, to share in her energy for a blink in the eye of the Universe. Her voice was so soft and so strong, and I almost felt moved to tears during the first part of her panel because what she was saying was resonating so strongly with me. DSCN2323

We waited in line to get my book signed, during which my mom (of course) had to take a photo. I urged her not to while we were inching closer to Danielle, but in retrospect I am so glad that she did. (Thanks mom!) IMG_0278

After the signing my mom and I caught the tail end of a panel on how to silence your inner critic, wandered through the exhibition hall, ate lunch and chatted with the women at our table. We took part in different round tables for social media, blogging, and creating a pipeline for clients and customers.

My favorite part of the day, though? Spending it with my mom. We both walked away from the conference inspired (especially by Diana Nyad) and brimming with inspiration for different things. It's been less than a week since the conference and I'm nearly done devouring The Desire Map and am riding high on the absolute power of women supporting women.