Around Austin (Birthday Edition): Uchi

Yesterday I turned 22, which is surreal and wonderful. It sounds so much older and more mature than 21 does to me, and I feel like I have big strides to make to fill the number. But I do feel like this is the only birthday where I could honestly answer "yes" when people asked me if I felt any older -- the year prior had been one of such growth and development and adventure, and I can feel the ways that I've changed from where I used to be. There are a few traditions for my birthday, the biggest one of course being the birthday dinner. Since we moved to Austin, dinner has almost exclusively been at Uchi, save for last year when we deviated and went to Qui. This year we returned to our norm and I have to say, nothing feels like home on my birthday quite like Uchi. The food is always delicious and beautiful, the service is always wonderful, and it's one of the top places I recommend for dining in Austin when you visit. I want to take you through our meal, so you can get a feel for what to expect when you go there yourself! Some of the photos are blurry, as the lighting is dark in the restaurant, but I hope you still enjoy the journey.


Spider Roll


Zero Sen Roll


Unagi Sushi


Bacon Steakiespikes_and_stardust_around_austin_uchi_brie_ringo

Brie Ringospikes_and_stardust_around_austin_uchi_foie_nigiri

Foie Nigiri


Mackerel Nigiri


Spicy Tuna Rollspikes_and_stardust_around_austin_uchi_eiko_fuji_sake

Eiko Fuji Sake