On Health, Wellness, and Personal Connection : An Interview with Kim


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As you know, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (or if you've noticed the quiet here the past few weeks), I've been partaking in Rach's amazing course, Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted. It's been an absolute game-changer,  and I met Kim Williams, who I have the pleasure of interviewing this month! She is such a sweetheart, and getting to know her has been wonderful.

Hey Kim, would you mind introducing yourself and what you do? I’m Kim Williams, I been married to my wonderful husband Simon for 11 years, we have 3 kids (Tyler 11, Kayley 8 and Zac 4). We live on a beautiful property and farm in South Gippsland, Victoria. I am passionate about health, wellness and healthy cooking. I am an avid reader and am obsessed with cookbooks and cooking magazines. My website for Wellness Coaching, Health & Wellness articles and recipes are at www.healthyzest.com.au

How did you first get involved with health and wellness? After having my kids, I was always tired and carrying a bit of extra weight. I started exercising and calorie counting and dieting, and even though I lost the weight I wanted I still felt exhausted and depleted all the time. I started researching foods and how they affect the body and changed my eating into more of a “clean eating” mentality. I started to feel so much better and even cured my chronic migraines. This started a passion for whole foods and a more balanced view of eating and healthy lifestyle.

Has running Healthy Zest changed or impacted your life in any way, big or small? I have only been running HZ since the start of the year, but in a BIG way YES it has. I spend a lot of my time researching, studying, writing and working on my business. The biggest impact on myself personally is that when I see my clients or readers making positive changes it motivates me to keep educating women and is so positively rewarding and truly makes me gushy on the inside. I LOVE what I do and I enjoy it so much it doesn’t even feel like work sometimes.


You offer one-on-one wellness coaching — can you tell me a bit about how that came to exist and one of the most unexpected things that has happened because of it? I was studying Personal Training but something wasn’t quite connecting to me about how I wanted to help people, so I started researching coaching and came across Wellness Coaching. Wellness coaching is so much more than what you eat, how to exercise, it is really about how you feel and how you want your whole life to be. I connected to this part personally as I know how you feel about yourself is the most important part because if you don’t feel good you are not going to look after yourself. Every session is unexpected for the client, and me because we uncover some deep realizations about the way they see themselves and the way they act.

What does your recipe creation process for things you post on Healthy Zest look like? I have a diary full of ideas, flavor combinations and things I would like to try. I get a lot of my recipes ideas at nighttime and then I pretty much just “wing” it. This has ended in some pretty big disasters though!! (Hello upside down banana cake that ended up on the bottom of the oven) I LOVE food so anytime I try something new I think, “How can I make this healthy?”

How does being a mom impact your approach to health and wellness? For me it’s really important to be a role model for my kids and my family. After losing my own dad (at age 48) I want to make sure I am around to see my kids grow up, that I am also healthy, happy and energetic for them. As a busy mum I don’t have a lot of extra time to spend exercising for hours at a time, or hours at night in the kitchen. So I do what I can and most of my meals are fast, healthy but still yummy.


Who are some of your heroes? Life inspirations, style mavens, people who make your soul shake. Well Jamie Oliver is my total foodie crush ;) I LOVE his passion for getting people excited about healthy non-complicated food and learning to cook again. Which is why I was so insanely beside myself when I was announced as a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador.

My style mavens would have to be Kate Middleton and Olivia Palermo, their style can be summed up into CLASSIC elegance. They always look so chic and I would totally steal both their wardrobes if I could. 

Also everyday women who find their passion and work their bums off inspire me. I think its easy to look at celebrities and say wow they are inspiring but the reality is we have women in our lives that have overcome adversity and succeeded in their careers, personal lives and family lives. Lets celebrate those women!!

You can only read one book, watch one movie, one television show, and listen to one album for a year. What do you choose and why? Oh GOD this one is tough, one book would be Harry Potter (yep im a total HP nerd) My all time fave movie is Dead Poet's Society, I was lucky enough to watch this movie in high school and it moves me every time I watch it. Robin Williams is absolutely amazing in it!! My one album would be Matchbox Twenty's Yourself or Someone Like You. Whenever I am down or on a long car trip this is my sing along go to!!

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To connect with Kim, be sure to check out her site + find her on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook!