Weekly Elements #5

DSCN2229 copy This week (+ the past couple) have been a really interesting mix of working more hours than before at my part-time retail job, doing freelance work, and digging deep into Rach's course, Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted. You've probably noticed that things have been quieter around these parts -- and this course is why. I'm making the conscious decision to step back from publishing as much as I was before so I can devote as much energy as possible to this amazing, amazing course. I'm still doing a LOT for this blog, but not all of it is evident to you darlings from your side of the screen. One of the things from the course I wanted to share with you all is the vision board I made. I have a board on Pinterest for this, but I pulled together my six favorite images + quotes and made this graphic that I have as my desktop background so I see it every day when I use my computer.BEBH vision boardWhat have you been up to this week, babe? Let me know in the comments below!