7 Ways to Bring More Adventure Into Your Life

  1. Take an afternoon off from work and explore your own city -- get lost in the streets, don't look at your phone. Poke your head inside anywhere that looks interesting. Try drinks that the barista recommends to you.
  2. Try to remember that you're working to live, you don't live to work.
  3. Instead of always having your client meetings at Starbucks, see what local coffee shops you can meet at instead.
  4. Go to that place near your city that you've always wanted to over a weekend.
  5. Find the best beginner's hiking trails in your city and head out. Take your camera and photograph anything that catches your eye. (+ remember to take enough water!)
  6. Say yes. It's really as simple as that. Someone asks you to go see a movie + it works with your schedule? Say yes. Your friend wants to go try this crazy new restaurant? Say yes.
  7. Open yourself up to the endless possibilities that exist within and around you.

Image from Death to the Stock Photo