Photo Diary: Paris

DSCN1471 Paris in spring was truly a magical thing to experience it and I miss it (& France) like a limb since I've been thrust into the Texas summer. One of my favorite things about Paris was how many different types of flowers and greenery grew everywhere there was space in the city. DSCN1495 My parents and I stayed in an Airbnb that was in the First Arrondissement, so after getting all of our luggage up four floors we set out to explore our new neighborhood. Of course we experienced the 30-minutes-of-rain-and-30-minutes-of-sun rule for the first couple of days, so it was always a struggle of having just the right number of layers to stay warm when it rained but to not be drenched in sweat when the sun came out. DSCN1477DSCN1478DSCN1479 The next morning we set out hoping to find a patisserie to grab coffee and pain au chocolats at, but ended up finding a street market instead. We wandered around, picked up some meats and cheeses and a couple baguettes for dinner that night, and got galettes for breakfast. DSCN1491DSCN1487 Naturally, we had to spend a good number of hours in the Louvre! I had gone before when I visited Paris, but it was nice to go with my parents and explore different parts of the museum that I hadn't seen before. DSCN1512 DSCN1517 DSCN1519 DSCN1521 DSCN1523 Probably my favorite exhibit in the entire museum is the Napoleon Apartments. They are just so beautiful and immaculately designed, and it's fascinating to see how people used to live and utilize their space. DSCN1532 DSCN1538 DSCN1543 DSCN1553 DSCN1557 DSCN1562DSCN1572 DSCN1573 DSCN1578 DSCN1581 DSCN1594 DSCN1600DSCN1606 DSCN1607DSCN1613DSCN1616DSCN1618 DSCN1621DSCN1622DSCN1626 DSCN1628 Another stop we had to make was to the Tour Eiffel. I had gone during the night over Valentine's Day weekend but had yet to see it in person during the day. We took a good amount of time taking photographs in front of it and of it from the ground before buying our tickets to go all the way up to the top.DSCN1667DSCN1670DSCN1671DSCN1675 DSCN1676 After we descended we saw a crane just hanging out in the pond by the Tour Eiffel!DSCN1690 For lunch we went to Café Constant, a very nice (yet tiny) café owned by Christian Constant.  DSCN1705DSCN1709 One of my absolute favorite places we went to in Paris was the Centre de Pompidou -- the center for modern and contemporary art. My parents and I ended up going in about an hour or so before they closed the main exhibit we wanted to see (which we didn't know until we were ushered out) but I can't wait to go back and spend days there seeing absolutely everything. DSCN1993DSCN2030DSCN2039 DSCN2044