Applications I Would Stake My Life On: Chrome Edition

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.20.15 PM
Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.20.15 PM

Last week I shared my most-loved and essential applications that I keep on my computer, and this week I wanted to share my essentials for making Google Chrome as efficient as it can possibly be. While I realize that Chrome itself is an application, these are all extensions that I want to share regardless. So, without further ado..

AdBlockis one that I've had installed for ages. It blocks advertisements on web pages and keeps pop-up windows from taking over my screen.

Bufferis a service that I very recently discovered and have fallen heads over heels in love with. It allows you to share web pages and information via social media with a click of a button. I've been using it to link my blog posts to Twitter and am very happy with how it's been performing!

DoNotTrackMeis one that I use to maintain my privacy while online. It also offers masking emails and credit card information when you enter them on websites, but I only utilize the masked browsing option.

Pin Itis the extension I use to pin images from my blog or elsewhere on the web to my Pinterest account. It makes the process easy as pie.

Wolfram Alphais great for when I have an academic question and want a more thorough and quicker answer than going to Google. It explains everything in terms that are very easy to understand and I've been using it a LOT for my science class this semester.

ZenMate Chromeis another extension I use to ensure my privacy while online. You set it up once and it works quietly in the background from the on.

Zoterois another recent discovery and I can't begin to describe how it has revolutionized my life as an English Lit major. It allows you to save any webpage to a database in your account on their website and then creates citations that are ready to copy and paste into any bibliography with just a few clicks of a button.