On Being Green, Self-Love, and Writing : an Interview With Amy Jayne

Image from disguisedbyzebras.com
Image from disguisedbyzebras.com

Today I'm so excited to share an amazing interview with an amazing girl, who I discovered completely by accident through the Blogcademy forum and immediately felt a soul-deep click with. Amy Jayne's blog is one that inspires me daily, from treating my body with more care and knowing what I'm putting in it to following those wild dreams. Thank you so much for indulging me in this interview, my dear!

Hello Amy! Would you mind introducing yourself and what you do? Hey Indigo + all of the Spikes and Stardust readers, thank you for interviewing me for your AMAZING blog. My name is Amy Jayne and I run a Natural Lifestyle, Wellbeing & Beauty Blog named Disguised By Zebras. I set up my blog to help others make healthier & more mindful life choices as I document my green lifestyle journey. I write about self-love, being happy, nutrition tips, healthy recipes, inspiration and motivation posts, DIY skincare recipes, features on sustainable brands, natural beauty product reviews and posts on travel :)

The name of your blog, Disguised by Zebras, is FABULOUS. How did you come up with it and how has that name shaped your blogging experience thus far?Thank YOU! Obviously I love zebras. As well as loving the gorgeous animal, I became obsessed by zebras print around 6/7 years ago, I have zebra print shoes, t-shirts, suitcases, flip flops and blankets etc. So sometimes, I guess I can be 'disguised' by 'zebras' as I use zebra print as a part of my style identity.

Congratulations on graduating earlier this year!! As a fellow English Literature major, I was wondering what the landscape for us Lit kids looks like after school? Thank you again! Like all graduates, employers look for experience as well as academic qualifications. Over the three years at university I tried to do as MUCH work experience as possible. Not only does this look great for employers, it allows you to practice writing in different ways and identify what you enjoy! For a start, I started writing for music publications (Rock Industry & AltSounds), then I realised music journalism wasn't for me so I started writing for arts, culture + lifestyle publications - which I absolutely LOVE. Once you have your experience behind you it'll make it MUCH easier to walk into employment. You will also have a rough idea of what path you would like to take - which will reduce a lot of stress too!   The internet makes it SO much easier for writers to make money, we now have the accessibility to self-publish and sell e-books. Us Lit graduates are also sought after in the Digital Marketing sphere (eg. managing companies blogs, publishing press releases, writing website content, copywriting, writing SEO articles and managing business' social media platforms). I now manage content and social media campaigns for a digital marketing company, I'm soo happy to write all day even if it isn't about subjects I necessary enjoy.

Image from disguisedbyzebras.com
Image from disguisedbyzebras.com

Amy, I L-O-V-E all of your posts about cleaner eating, natural health and skincare, etc. Have you always been interesting in that kind of thing, or is it a more recent development in your life?THANK YOU for your kind words, I love that you enjoy my posts - it means a lot to me! I have always been interest in everything natural. I grew up on a small farm in the middle of nowhere so my childhood was spent running around fields, eating homecooked meals from our own produce, picking fruit, growing vegetables + rolling around in hay.   My loved ones health + wellbeing has an incredible effect on the way I live my life. Over the last 2 years, I have lost 4 family members to cancer. At first It made me panic. I was unbelievably sad and anxious. Since my nana passed away from leukemia last Christmas, I decided to channel all of my heartbreak into living a healthy, nutritious, toxic free life. And my blog is my way of encouraging others to live consciously, compassionately, healthily and happily.

Does blogging about healthy lifestyle choices help keep you accountable in your everyday life? Without a shadow of a doubt! Blogging about healthiness + self-love keeps me incredible focussed on keeping positive and mindful of my choices. When I have my down days, my blog helps cheer me up a lot. And I hope it helps all of my beautiful readers, too!

Your travel posts are so brilliant! There’s your personal stories, which are open and upbeat, advice about the city you were in, and specific places you recommend. Do you have any tips for someone traveling? My only traveling tip would be to plan beforehand. I love going to a new place with a brief idea of where to go. This will make sure you don't take up your sacred holiday time with researching an area.

Who are some of your heroes? Life inspirations, style mavens, people who make your soul shake.My nana and Bjork. My nana's positivity, strength & motivation will eternally inspire me. And Bjork's unique approach to music + style has always encouraged me to be creative.

You can only read one book, watch one movie, one television show, and listen to one album for a year. What would you choose and why?I don't like reading anything twice. But I could probably read Walden by Thoreau for a year. It would help me explore natural lifestyle and writing. I LOVE inspiration.   Moulin Rouge (or anything directed by Baz Luhrmann) - I don't really like watching anything over + over apart from Moulin Rouge or Romeo + Juliet or The Great Gatsby. These films make me sing, dance + cry. Luhrmann is unreal.   I'd watch Game of Thrones - I'm a huge lover of fantasy! There are so many storylines going on that I could easily get lost in the TV series for a year.   I'd listen to Waking The Fallen by Avenged Sevenfold - I'm a metal head at heart! I have been listening to this album for around 10 years now. This album motivates me as well as making me feel nostalgic of all of the times I have listened to this album throughout my life.

This is a space for you to leave any last remarks that you would like to share! Or, if you would like another question, here’s the last one: What advice would you give to yourself two years ago?The advice I'd give to myself would be to be present in every moment, cherish every second and to look for the positives in every situation. I find this helps me stay grounded and focussed on the 'now'.